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Leija L
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
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A review of the use of the potentiometric electronic tongue in the monitoring of environmental systems
A Mimendia, JM Gutiérrez, L Leija, PR Hernández, L Favari, R Muñoz, ...
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W Gómez, L Leija, AV Alvarenga, AFC Infantosi, WCA Pereira
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Upper limb prostheses for amputations above elbow: A review
C Toledo, L Leija, R Munoz, A Vera, A Ramirez
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ASIC-based batteryless implantable telemetry microsystem for recording purposes
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A voltammetric electronic tongue made of modified epoxy-graphite electrodes for the qualitative analysis of wine
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Plasmonic/magnetic multifunctional nanoplatform for cancer theranostics
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A performance analysis of echographic ultrasonic techniques for non-invasive temperature estimation in hyperthermia range using phantoms with scatterers
I Bazán, M Vazquez, A Ramos, A Vera, L Leija
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Use of an electronic tongue based on all‐solid‐state potentiometric sensors for the quantitation of alkaline ions
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Improved thermal ablation efficacy using magnetic nanoparticles: a study in tumor phantoms
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Coaxial Slot Antenna Design for Microwave Hyperthermia using Finite-Difference Time-Domain and Finite Element Method
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CAMILA: Infrared Camera/Spectrograph for OAN-SPM
I Cruz-Gonzales, L Carrasco, ER Schneider, LS Leija, MF Skrutskie, ...
Instrumentation in Astronomy VIII 2198, 774-780, 1994
Measurement of breast-tumor phantom dielectric properties for microwave breast cancer treatment evaluation
R Ortega-Palacios, L Leija, A Vera, MFJ Cepeda
Electrical Engineering Computing Science and Automatic Control (CCE), 2010 …, 2010
Design and construction of a bolt-clamped Langevin transducer
E Moreno, P Acevedo, M Fuentes, A Sotomayor, L Borroto, ME Villafuerte, ...
2005 2nd International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering …, 2005
Automatic detection of risk zones in diabetic foot soles by processing thermographic images taken in an uncontrolled environment
H Maldonado, R Bayareh, IA Torres, A Vera, J Gutiérrez, L Leija
Infrared Physics & Technology 105, 103187, 2020
Measurement of ultrasonic properties of muscle and blood biological phantoms
R Ortega, A Téllez, L Leija, A Vera
Physics Procedia 3 (1), 627-634, 2010
EMG pattern recognition using Support Vector Machines classifier for myoelectric control purposes
M Leon, JM Gutierrez, L Leija, R Munoz
2011 Pan American Health Care Exchanges, 175-178, 2011
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