Teodor Ioan Trasca
Teodor Ioan Trasca
Profesor de Operatii si Utilaje in industria alimentara, Universitatea de Stiiinte Agricole si
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Screening of 33 medicinal plants for the microelements content
DS Ștef, I Gergen, TI Trașcă, M Hărmănescu, L Ștef, M Drugă, R Biron, ...
Scientific Papers Animal Science and Biotechnologies 43 (1), 127-132, 2010
Total antioxidant and radical scavenging capacities for different medicinal herbs
DS Ștef, I Gergen, TI Trașcă, ȘL Monica Hărmănescu, B RAMONA, ...
Romanian Biotechnological Letters 14 (5), 4705-4710, 2009
Evaluation of 33 medicinal plant extracts for the antioxidant capacity and total phenols.
DS Stef, G Iosif, T Ioan-Trasca, L Stef, C Pop, M Harmanescu, R Biron, ...
Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 8 (3/4 part 1), 207-210, 2010
Hydrolysis of β-alkyl (C12H25/C18H37) polyethyleneoxy (n= 3-20) propionitriles in phase transfer catalysis conditions (II)
C Jianu, T Trașcă, A Riviș, C Miscă, M Chiș, I Jianu
J Agroalim Proc Technol 15 (1), 79-87, 2009
Total phenolic, cinnamic acids and selected microelements in gluten free pasta fortified with banana
BP RADOI, E Alexa, I Radulov, A Morvay, CSS Mihai, TI Trasca
Revista de Chimie 66 (8), 1162-1165, 2015
Potatoes paste addition influence on bread quality
D Stoin, DV Dogaru, E Alexa, C Mateescu, T Trasca
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 17 (4), 381-387, 2011
The influence of level and source of microelements on the antioxidant activity of medicinal herbs
DS Ștef, I Gergen, TI Trașcă, L Ștef, A Rivis, G Hegheduș, D Bordean
Romanian Biotechnological Letters 15 (5), 5611-5590, 2010
Bioactive nanoparticles-The complexation of odorant compounds with alpha-and beta-cyclodextrin
A Rivis, NG Hadaruga, DI Hadaruga, T Trasca, M Druga, I Pinzaru
Revista de Chimie 59 (2), 149-153, 2008
Basic surface-active properties in the homologous series of β-alkyl (C 12 H 25/C 18 H 37) polyethyleneoxy (n= 0-20) propionamides
A Riviș, G Bujanca, T Trașcă
Chemistry Central Journal 7 (1), 31, 2013
The antioxidant effect of Melissa officinalis extract regarding the sunflower oil used in food thermal applications
N Buta, N Popa, L Roman, G Bordea, A Bordea, MA Poianã, TI Trascã
J. Agroalimentary Processes Technol 19, 276-279, 2013
Mathematical Model for Determining the Volume of Abrasive Susceptible of Levitation
I Groza, T Trașcă, A Riviș
Revista de Chimie 60 (12), 1347-1349, 2009
Studies regarding the obtaining and sensory analysis of gluten-free muffins with buckwheat flour addition
M Iovan, D Stoin, T Trașcă, B Rădoi
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 21 (3), 222-226, 2015
Controlled of colloidal parameters through gradual ternary association of new “homogeneous” nonionic structured lipids
C Jianu, A Riviș, T Trașcă, A Jianu, G Bujanca
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 20 (4), 2014
Rheological behavior of some berry milk-based beverages with enhanced functionality
DV Dogaru, MA Poiana, C Mateescu, D Moigradean, D Stoin, C Costescu, ...
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 20 (4), 376-382, 2014
The comparisons about macro elements content in fruits collected from the Gotlob locality of Timis county
G Heghedûș-Mîndru, RC Heghedûș-Mîndru, P Negrea, R Șumălan, ...
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 19 (3), 348-354, 2013
Assessment the influence of maturation and aging on red wine color and their antioxidant properties
LA Roman, MA Poiană, DV Dogaru, TI Trașcă
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 19 (4), 378-82, 2013
Influence of plum and apricot addition on rheological properties of bread
D Dogaru, D Stoin, C Mateescu, T Trasca
Romanian Journal of Food Science 1 (1), 53-58, 2011
Rheological characterisation of the fractions separated from pork lards through dry fractionation
A Rinovetz, ZA Rinovetz, C Mateescu, TI Trașcă, C Jianu, I Jianu
Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 9 (1), 47-52, 2011
Hărmănescu Monica
I Gogoasa, O Gabriela
Trașcă TI, Riviș A. and Gergen I, 16-24, 2010
Study on thermo-oxidative stability of soybean oil during convective heating at simulated frying temperature
MA Poiana, T Trasca, D Moigradean, C Gaita
Journal of Agroalimentary Processes and Technologies 22 (2), 108-113, 2016
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