Pravalie Remus
Pravalie Remus
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography
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Drylands extent and environmental issues. A global approach
R Prăvălie
Earth-Science Reviews 161, 259-278, 2016
Nuclear energy: Between global electricity demand, worldwide decarbonisation imperativeness, and planetary environmental implications
R Prăvălie, G Bandoc
Journal of environmental management 209, 81-92, 2018
Nuclear Weapons Tests and Environmental Consequences: A Global Perspective
R Prăvălie
Ambio 43 (6), 729-744, 2014
Detecting climate change effects on forest ecosystems in southwestern romania using landsat TM NDVI data
R Pravalie, I Sîrodoev, D Peptenatu
Journal of Geographical Sciences 24 (5), 815-832, 2014
Spatial assessment of solar energy potential at global scale. A geographical approach
R Prăvălie, C Patriche, G Bandoc
Journal of Cleaner Production 209, 692-721, 2019
Recent changes in global drylands: Evidences from two major aridity databases
R Prăvălie, G Bandoc, C Patriche, T Sternberg
Catena 178, 209-231, 2019
Changes in the forest ecosystems in areas impacted by aridization in south-western Romania
R Pravalie, I Sîrodoev, D Peptenatu
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 12 (1), 1, 2014
Mapping flood and flooding potential indices: a methodological approach to identifying areas susceptible to flood and flooding risk. Case study: the Prahova catchment (Romania)
L Zaharia, R Costache, R Prăvălie, G Ioana-Toroimac
Frontiers of Earth Science 11 (2), 229-247, 2017
Quantification of land degradation sensitivity areas in Southern and Central Southeastern Europe. New results based on improving DISMED methodology with new climate data
R Prăvălie, C Patriche, G Bandoc
Catena 158, 309-320, 2017
Major perturbations in the Earth's forest ecosystems. Possible implications for global warming
R Prăvălie
Earth-Science Reviews, 2018
Quantification of the aridity process in south-western Romania
D Peptenatu, I Sîrodoev, R Pravalie
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 11 (1), 1, 2013
Spatio-temporal changes of the climatic water balance in Romania as a response to precipitation and reference evapotranspiration trends during 1961–2013
R Prăvălie, A Piticar, B Roșca, L Sfîcă, G Bandoc, A Tiscovschi, ...
Catena 172, 295-312, 2019
Spatial assessment of wind power potential at global scale. A geographical approach
G Bandoc, R Prăvălie, C Patriche, M Degeratu
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Spatial assessment of land degradation sensitive areas in southwestern Romania using modified MEDALUS method
R Prăvălie, I Săvulescu, C Patriche, M Dumitrașcu, G Bandoc
Catena 153, 114-130, 2017
Assessment and mapping of flood potential in the Slănic catchment in Romania
L Zaharia, R Costache, R Prăvălie, G Minea
Journal of Earth System Science 124 (6), 1311-1324, 2015
Climatic water balance dynamics over the last five decades in Romania’s most arid region, Dobrogea
G Bandoc, R Prăvălie
Journal of Geographical Sciences 25 (11), 1307-1327, 2015
The analysis of the relationship between climatic water deficit and corn agricultural productivity in the Dobrogea plateau
R Prăvălie, I Sirodoev, CV Patriche, G Bandoc, D Peptenatu
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 9 (4), 201-214, 2014
Climate issues on aridity trends of Southern Oltenia in the last five decades
R Prăvălie
Geographia Technica 17 (1), 70-79, 2013
The analysis of the susceptibility of the flash-floodsʼ genesis in the area of the hydrographical basin of Bâsca Chiojdului river
R Prăvălie, R Costache
Forum geografic 13 (1), 39-49, 2014
The impact of climate change on the dynamics of agricultural systems in south-western Romania
R Prăvălie, D Peptenatu, I Sirodoev
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences 8 (3), 175-186, 2013
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