RMW Ferguson
RMW Ferguson
Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology and Public Health, University of Essex
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The effect of Pediococcus acidilactici on the gut microbiota and immune status of on‐growing red tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
RMW Ferguson, DL Merrifield, GM Harper, MD Rawling, S Mustafa, ...
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RMW Ferguson, F Coulon, R Villa
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The variable influence of dispersant on degradation of oil hydrocarbons in subarctic deep-sea sediments at low temperatures (0–5 C)
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M Saha, RMW Ferguson, S Dove, S Künzel, R Meichssner, SC Neulinger, ...
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Size fractionation of bioaerosol emissions from green-waste composting
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Bioengineering options and strategies for the optimization of anaerobic digestion processes
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Can chemical and molecular biomarkers help discriminate between industrial, rural and urban environments?
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The ecological impacts of multiple environmental stressors on coastal biofilm bacteria
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Compendium of analytical methods for sampling, characterization and quantification of bioaerosols
C Whitby, RMW Ferguson, I Colbeck, AJ Dumbrell, ZA Nasir, E Marczylo, ...
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Mind the gaps: What do we know about how multiple chemical stressors impact freshwater aquatic microbiomes?
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Implementing a behaviour-based framework for studying the influence of cooking and cleaning on indoor air quality
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Exploring the influence of sources, behaviour and mitigation strategies on aerosols generated during household activities
A Mehra, ZA Nasar, S Rolfo, S Gauthier, AM Rangel, H Zhong, ...
European Aerosol Conference 2021, 2021
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