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Costin Ioan Coșoiu
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Estimation of the Efficiency for Variable Speed Pumps in EPANET Compared with Experimental Data
AM Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, S Perju, SC Georgescu, L Hasegan, A Anton
Procedia Engineering 89, 1404-1411, 2014
Numerical predictions of the flow around a profiled casing equipped with passive flow control devices
CI Coșoiu, AM Georgescu, M Degeratu, D Hlevca
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Numerical and experimental investigation of wind induced pressures on a photovoltaic solar panel
CI Coșoiu, A Damian, RM Damian, M Degeratu
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EPANET Simulation of Control Methods for Centrifugal Pumps Operating under Variable System Demand
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, L Hasegan, A Anton, ...
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COMSOL Multiphysics versus Fluent: 2D numerical simulation of the stationary flow around a blade of the Achard turbine
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, S Bernad, CI Coșoiu
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Numerical modelling comparison between airflow and water flow within the Achard-type turbine
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, M Degeratu, S Bernad, CI Coșoiu
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A regard on the thermal comfort theories from the standpoint of Electric Vehicle design—Review and perspectives
I Nastase, P Danca, F Bode, C Croitoru, L Fechete, M Sandu, CI Coșoiu
Energy Reports 8, 10501-10517, 2022
Efficiency of Marine Hydropower Farms Consisting of Multiple Vertical Axis Cross-Flow Turbines
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, N Alboiu
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Assessing the Operation of the Cooling Water System of a Hydro-Power Plant Using EPANET
DM Bucur, CI Cosoiu, RG Iovanel, AA Nicolae, SC Georgescu
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Wind Tunnel and Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flow Over Bolund Island
AC Vladut, CI Cosoiu, AM Georgescu, M Degeratu, RM Damian
Energy Procedia 85, 603-611, 2016
Velocity field in the wake of a hydropower farm equipped with Achard turbines
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Personalized Ventilation as a Possible Strategy for Reducing Airborne Infectious Disease Transmission on Commercial Aircraft
P Danca, CI Coșoiu, I Nastase, F Bode, MR Georgescu
Applied Sciences 12 (4), 2088, 2022
Atmospheric boundary layer modeling as mean velocity profile used for wind tunnel tests on contaminant dispersion in the atmosphere
M Degeratu, AM Georgescu, G Bandoc, NI Alboiu, CI Cosoiu, ...
Journal of environmental protection and ecology 14 (1), 22-28, 2013
Numerical study on the efficiency between the ducted and the free stream rotor of a horizontal axis wind turbine
CI Coșoiu, RM Damian, M Degeratu, AM Georgescu, D Hlevca
Proceedings of EWEA Europe’s Premier Wind Energy Event, Brussels, 14-17, 2011
Experimental and numerical study of the flow dynamics and thermal behavior inside a car cabin: Innovative air diffusers and human body plumes interactions
P Dancă, A Jamin, I Nastase, B Janssens, W Bosschaerts, C Coșoiu
Energy Reports 8, 992-1002, 2022
A new boundary layer wind tunnel
AC Vladut, S Popa, CI Cosoiu, AM Georgescu, M Degeratu, LV Hasegan, ...
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Experimental versus numerical results on the velocity field in the wake of a hydropower farm equipped with three Achard turbines
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Dynamic wind tunnel tests for the Bucharest Tower Center
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Actual and Perspective Research in Wind Engineering
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Numerical study of the flow inside a wind trapping system
MR Georgescu, AC Vladut, CI Cosoiu, AM Georgescu
2017 International Conference on ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT (CIEM), 330-334, 2017
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