Nikolaus Grigorieff
Nikolaus Grigorieff
University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
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Citat de
Citat de
CTFFIND4: Fast and accurate defocus estimation from electron micrographs
A Rohou, N Grigorieff
Journal of structural biology 192 (2), 216-221, 2015
Accurate determination of local defocus and specimen tilt in electron microscopy
JA Mindell, N Grigorieff
Journal of structural biology 142 (3), 334-347, 2003
A common mechanism underlying promiscuous inhibitors from virtual and high-throughput screening
SL McGovern, E Caselli, N Grigorieff, BK Shoichet
Journal of medicinal chemistry 45 (8), 1712-1722, 2002
Electron-crystallographic refinement of the structure of bacteriorhodopsin
N Grigorieff, TA Ceska, KH Downing, JM Baldwin, R Henderson
Journal of molecular biology 259 (3), 393-421, 1996
cisTEM, user-friendly software for single-particle image processing
T Grant, A Rohou, N Grigorieff
elife 7, e35383, 2018
Measuring the optimal exposure for single particle cryo-EM using a 2.6 Å reconstruction of rotavirus VP6
T Grant, N Grigorieff
elife 4, e06980, 2015
A primer to single-particle cryo-electron microscopy
Y Cheng, N Grigorieff, PA Penczek, T Walz
Cell 161 (3), 438-449, 2015
Molecular model for a complete clathrin lattice from electron cryomicroscopy
A Fotin, Y Cheng, P Sliz, N Grigorieff, SC Harrison, T Kirchhausen, T Walz
nature 432 (7017), 573-579, 2004
FREALIGN: high-resolution refinement of single particle structures
N Grigorieff
Journal of structural biology 157 (1), 117-125, 2007
Outcome of the first electron microscopy validation task force meeting
R Henderson, A Sali, ML Baker, B Carragher, B Devkota, KH Downing, ...
Structure 20 (2), 205-214, 2012
Beam-induced motion of vitrified specimen on holey carbon film
AF Brilot, JZ Chen, A Cheng, J Pan, SC Harrison, CS Potter, B Carragher, ...
Journal of structural biology 177 (3), 630-637, 2012
Purification and characterization of native spliceosomes suitable for three-dimensional structural analysis
MS Jurica, LJ Licklider, SP Gygi, N Grigorieff, MJ Moore
Rna 8 (4), 426-439, 2002
Three-dimensional structure of bovine NADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) at 22 Å in ice
N Grigorieff
Journal of molecular biology 277 (5), 1033-1046, 1998
Near-atomic resolution using electron cryomicroscopy and single-particle reconstruction
X Zhang, E Settembre, C Xu, PR Dormitzer, R Bellamy, SC Harrison, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (6), 1867-1872, 2008
Aβ (1-40) fibril polymorphism implies diverse interaction patterns in amyloid fibrils
J Meinhardt, C Sachse, P Hortschansky, N Grigorieff, M Fändrich
Journal of molecular biology 386 (3), 869-877, 2009
Movies of ice-embedded particles enhance resolution in electron cryo-microscopy
MG Campbell, A Cheng, AF Brilot, A Moeller, D Lyumkis, D Veesler, J Pan, ...
Structure 20 (11), 1823-1828, 2012
The Ndc80 kinetochore complex forms oligomeric arrays along microtubules
GM Alushin, VH Ramey, S Pasqualato, DA Ball, N Grigorieff, A Musacchio, ...
Nature 467 (7317), 805-810, 2010
Comparison of Alzheimer Aβ (1–40) and Aβ (1–42) amyloid fibrils reveals similar protofilament structures
M Schmidt, C Sachse, W Richter, C Xu, M Fändrich, N Grigorieff
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (47), 19813-19818, 2009
Atomic model of an infectious rotavirus particle
EC Settembre, JZ Chen, PR Dormitzer, N Grigorieff, SC Harrison
The EMBO journal 30 (2), 408-416, 2011
Structure and conformational states of the bovine mitochondrial ATP synthase by cryo-EM
A Zhou, A Rohou, DG Schep, JV Bason, MG Montgomery, JE Walker, ...
elife 4, e10180, 2015
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