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Muli Ben-Yehuda
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Citat de
The reservoir model and architecture for open federated cloud computing
B Rochwerger, D Breitgand, E Levy, A Galis, K Nagin, IM Llorente, ...
IBM Journal of Research and Development 53 (4), 4: 1-4: 11, 2009
Deconstructing Amazon EC2 spot instance pricing
O Agmon Ben-Yehuda, M Ben-Yehuda, A Schuster, D Tsafrir
ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation (TEAC) 1 (3), 1-20, 2013
The Turtles Project: Design and Implementation of Nested Virtualization.
M Ben-Yehuda, MD Day, Z Dubitzky, M Factor, N Har'El, A Gordon, ...
Osdi 10, 423-436, 2010
ELI: Bare-metal performance for I/O virtualization
A Gordon, N Amit, N Har'El, M Ben-Yehuda, A Landau, A Schuster, ...
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 47 (4), 411-422, 2012
Quantitative comparison of Xen and KVM
T Deshane, Z Shepherd, J Matthews, M Ben-Yehuda, A Shah, B Rao
Xen Summit, Boston, MA, USA, 1-2, 2008
Utilizing IOMMUs for virtualization in Linux and Xen
M Ben-Yehuda, J Mason, J Xenidis, O Krieger, L Van Doorn, J Nakajima, ...
OLS’06: The 2006 Ottawa Linux Symposium, 71-86, 2006
The resource-as-a-service (RaaS) cloud
O Agmon Ben-Yehuda, M Ben-Yehuda, A Schuster, D Tsafrir
Proceedings of the 4th USENIX conference on Hot Topics in Cloud Ccomputing …, 2012
The price of safety: Evaluating IOMMU performance
M Ben-Yehuda, J Xenidis, M Ostrowski, K Rister, A Bruemmer, ...
The Ottawa Linux Symposium, 9-20, 2007
Efficient and Scalable Paravirtual I/O System
N Har’El, A Gordon, A Landau, M Ben-Yehuda, A Traeger, R Ladelsky
2013 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX}{ATC} 13), 231-242, 2013
SplitX: Split Guest/Hypervisor Execution on Multi-Core.
A Landau, M Ben-Yehuda, A Gordon
WIOV, 2011
Applications know best: Performance-driven memory overcommit with ginkgo
MR Hines, A Gordon, M Silva, D Da Silva, K Ryu, M Ben-Yehuda
2011 IEEE Third International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and …, 2011
Direct device assignment for untrusted fully-virtualized virtual machines
BA Yassour, M Ben-Yehuda, O Wasserman
Tech. Rep. H-0263, IBM Research, 2008
IOMMU: Strategies for mitigating the IOTLB bottleneck
N Amit, M Ben-Yehuda, BA Yassour
Computer Architecture: ISCA 2010 International Workshops A4MMC, AMAS-BT …, 2012
Obtaining file system view in block-level data storage systems
M Allalouf, M Ben-Yehuda, J Satran, I Segall
US Patent 8,290,994, 2012
The rise of RaaS: the resource-as-a-service cloud
O Agmon Ben-Yehuda, M Ben-Yehuda, A Schuster, D Tsafrir
Communications of the ACM 57 (7), 76-84, 2014
vIOMMU: efficient IOMMU emulation
N Amit, M Ben-Yehuda, D Tsafrir, A Schuster
USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC), 73-86, 2011
IsoStack-Highly Efficient Network Processing on Dedicated Cores.
L Shalev, J Satran, E Borovik, M Ben-Yehuda
USENIX Annual Technical Conference 5, 21, 2010
CODOMs: Protecting software with code-centric memory domains
L Vilanova, M Ben-Yehuda, N Navarro, Y Etsion, M Valero
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 42 (3), 469-480, 2014
Ginseng: Market-driven memory allocation
O Agmon Ben-Yehuda, E Posener, M Ben-Yehuda, A Schuster, ...
Proceedings of the 10th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS international conference on …, 2014
Virtual machine time travel using continuous data protection and checkpointing
P Ta-Shma, G Laden, M Ben-Yehuda, M Factor
ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 42 (1), 127-134, 2008
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