Nicola Lanata'
Nicola Lanata'
Assistant Professor
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Orbital Selectivity in Hund's metals: The Iron Chalcogenides
N Lanatà, HUR Strand, G Giovannetti, B Hellsing, L de' Medici, M Capone
Phase diagram and electronic structure of praseodymium and plutonium
N Lanatà, Y Yao, CZ Wang, KM Ho, G Kotliar
Physical Review X 5 (1), 011008, 2015
Isostructural Transition in Cerium
N Lanata, YX Yao, CZ Wang, KM Ho, J Schmalian, K Haule, G Kotliar
Physical review letters 111 (19), 196801, 2013
Efficient implementation of the Gutzwiller variational method
N Lanatà, HUR Strand, X Dai, B Hellsing
Physical Review B 85 (3), 035133, 2012
Fermi-surface evolution across the magnetic phase transition in the Kondo lattice model
N Lanata, P Barone, M Fabrizio
Physical Review B 78 (15), 155127, 2008
Slave Boson Theory of Orbital Differentiation with Crystal Field Effects: Application to
N Lanatà, Y Yao, X Deng, V Dobrosavljević, G Kotliar
Physical review letters 118 (12), 126401, 2017
Emergent Bloch excitations in Mott matter
N Lanatà, TH Lee, YX Yao, V Dobrosavljević
Physical Review B 96 (19), 195126, 2017
Observation of electrically tunable van Hove singularities in twisted bilayer graphene from NanoARPES
AJH Jones, R Muzzio, P Majchrzak, S Pakdel, D Curcio, K Volckaert, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (31), 2001656, 2020
Rotationally invariant slave-boson and density matrix embedding theory: Unified framework and comparative study on the one-dimensional and two-dimensional Hubbard model
TH Lee, T Ayral, YX Yao, N Lanata, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 99 (11), 115129, 2019
Ultrafast electronic linewidth broadening in the C 1s core level of graphene
D Curcio, S Pakdel, K Volckaert, JA Miwa, S Ulstrup, N Lanatà, M Bianchi, ...
Physical Review B 104, L161104, 2021
Interplay of spin-orbit and entropic effects in cerium
N Lanatá, YX Yao, CZ Wang, KM Ho, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 90 (16), 161104, 2014
Time-dependent and steady-state Gutzwiller approach for nonequilibrium transport in nanostructures
N Lanatà, HUR Strand
Physical Review B 86 (11), 115310, 2012
Superconductivity in the doped bilayer Hubbard model
N Lanatà, P Barone, M Fabrizio
Physical Review B 80 (22), 224524, 2009
Quantum embedding description of the Anderson lattice model with the ghost Gutzwiller approximation
MS Frank, TH Lee, PKH Bhattacharyya, Gargee: Tsang, VL Quito, ...
Physical Review B 104, L081103, 2021
Connection between Mott physics and crystal structure in a series of transition metal binary compounds
N Lanatà, TH Lee, YX Yao, V Stevanović, V Dobrosavljević
npj Computational Materials 5 (1), 30, 2019
Finite-temperature gutzwiller approximation from the time-dependent variational principle
N Lanatà, X Deng, G Kotliar
Physical Review B 92 (8), 081108, 2015
Ultrafast Triggering of Insulator–Metal Transition in Two-Dimensional VSe2
D Biswas, AJH Jones, P Majchrzak, BK Choi, TH Lee, K Volckaert, J Feng, ...
Nano Letters 21 (5), 1968-1975, 2021
Momentum-resolved linear dichroism in bilayer
K Volckaert, H Rostami, D Biswas, I Marković, F Andreatta, CE Sanders, ...
Physical Review B 100 (24), 241406, 2019
Uncovering the Origin of Divergence in the CsM(CrO4)2 (M = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu; Am) Family through Examination of the Chemical Bonding in a Molecular Cluster …
SS Galley, AA Arico, TH Lee, X Deng, YX Yao, JM Sperling, V Proust, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (5), 1674-1685, 2018
Principle of maximum entanglement entropy and local physics of strongly correlated materials
N Lanatà, HUR Strand, Y Yao, G Kotliar
Physical review letters 113 (3), 036402, 2014
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