Marjolein D. Bosch
Marjolein D. Bosch
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge
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Ancient genomes show social and reproductive behavior of early Upper Paleolithic foragers
M Sikora, A Seguin-Orlando, VC Sousa, A Albrechtsen, T Korneliussen, ...
Science 358 (6363), 659-662, 2017
New chronology for Ksâr ‘Akil (Lebanon) supports Levantine route of modern human dispersal into Europe
MD Bosch, MA Mannino, AL Prendergast, TC O’Connell, B Demarchi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (25), 7683-7688, 2015
Humans, bones and fire: Zooarchaeological, taphonomic, and spatial analyses of a Gravettian mammoth bone accumulation at Grub-Kranawetberg (Austria)
MD Bosch, PR Nigst, FA Fladerer, W Antl-Weiser
Quaternary International 252, 109-121, 2012
Human–Mammoth dynamics in the mid-Upper Palaeolithic of the middle Danube region
MD Bosch
Quaternary International 276, 170-182, 2012
The Ksâr'Akil (Lebanon) mollusc assemblage: zooarchaeological and taphonomic investigations
MD Bosch, FP Wesselingh, MA Mannino
Quaternary International 390, 85-101, 2015
Reply to Douka et al.: Critical evaluation of the Ksâr'Akil chronologies
MD Bosch, MA Mannino, AL Prendergast, TC O’Connell, B Demarchi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (51), E7035-E7035, 2015
New perspectives on Neanderthal dispersal and turnover from Stajnia Cave (Poland)
A Picin, M Hajdinjak, W Nowaczewska, S Benazzi, M Urbanowski, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 14778, 2020
Issues of theory and method in the analysis of Paleolithic mortuary behavior: A view from Shanidar Cave
E Pomeroy, CO Hunt, T Reynolds, D Abdulmutalb, E Asouti, P Bennett, ...
Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews 29 (5), 263-279, 2020
Year-round shellfish exploitation in the Levant and implications for Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer subsistence
MD Bosch, MA Mannino, AL Prendergast, FP Wesselingh, TC O'Connell, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 21, 1198-1214, 2018
Location, location, location: investigating perforation locations in Tritia gibbosula shells at Ksâr'Akil (Lebanon) using micro-CT data
MD Bosch, LT Buck, AM Strauss
PaleoAnthropology, 52-63, 2019
Personal Ornaments in Early Prehistory Humans’ Earliest Personal Ornaments: An Introduction
DEBY Mayer
PaleoAnthropology 19, 23, 2019
The use of ivory at the Gravettian site Grub/Kranawetberg, Lower Austria
W Antl, M Bosch
Anthropologie (1962-) 53 (1/2), 233-244, 2015
Nouvelles recherches de terrain à Mitoc-Malu Galben 2013-2015
P Noiret, P Haesaerts, M Vornicu, G Bodi, T Branscombe, T Libois, ...
Les Aurignaciens: leur création matérielle et spirituelle, 2016
A 41,500 year-old decorated ivory pendant from Stajnia Cave (Poland)
S Talamo, W Nowaczewska, A Picin, A Vazzana, M Binkowski, MD Bosch, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 22078, 2021
Seasonal Shellfishing across the East Adriatic Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition: Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Phorcus turbinatus from Vela Spila (Croatia)
TL Branscombe, MD Bosch, PT Miracle
Environmental Archaeology 26 (5), 497-510, 2021
Comment on “How do you kill 86 mammoths? Taphonomic investigations of mammoth megasites” by Pat Shipman
AR Perri, GM Smith, MD Bosch
Quaternary International 368 (11), 38-46, 2015
Age-at-death profiles of mammoth molars in the mid-Upper Palaeolithic in the Middle Danube region
MD Bosch
Unpublished MA thesis. University of Leiden, Leiden, 2009
The mid Upper Palaeolithic (Gravettian) sequence of Mitoc-Malu Galben (Romania): New fieldwork between 2013 and 2016-Preliminary results and perspectives
PR Nigst, T Libois, P Haesaerts, MD Bosch, T Branscombe, V Chirica, ...
Quaternary International 587, 189-209, 2021
Mitoc-Malu galben, campania 2015
V Chirica, P Noiret, PR Nigst, P Haesaerts, DM Vornicu, G Bodi, ...
Cronica Cercetărilor Arheologica Din România, a La sesiune naționalǎ de …, 2016
The new Upper Palaeolithic site Korman’9 in the Middle Dniester valley (Ukraine): Human occupation during the Last Glacial Maximum
L Kulakovska, O Kononenko, P Haesaerts, S Pirson, P Spry-Marqués, ...
Quaternary International 587, 230-250, 2021
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