Marc J-M. Macé
Marc J-M. Macé
Research fellow - CNRS, IRISA (Univ. Rennes 1 / INRIA)
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Citat de
The time course of visual processing: Backward masking and natural scene categorisation
N Bacon-Macé, MJM Macé, M Fabre-Thorpe, SJ Thorpe
Vision research 45 (11), 1459-1469, 2005
Is it an animal? Is it a human face? Fast processing in upright and inverted natural scenes
GA Rousselet, MJM Macé, M Fabre-Thorpe
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Interaction of top-down and bottom-up processing in the fast visual analysis of natural scenes
A Delorme, GA Rousselet, MJM Macé, M Fabre-Thorpe
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The time-course of visual categorizations: you spot the animal faster than the bird
MJM Macé, OR Joubert, JL Nespoulous, M Fabre-Thorpe
PLoS One 4 (6), e5927, 2009
Animal and human faces in natural scenes: How specific to human faces is the N170 ERP component?
GA Rousselet, MJM Macé, M Fabre-Thorpe
Journal of Vision 4 (1), 2004
Rapid categorization of achromatic natural scenes: how robust at very low contrasts?
MJM Macé, SJ Thorpe, M Fabre‐Thorpe
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Navigation and space perception assistance for the visually impaired: The NAVIG project
S Kammoun, G Parseihian, O Gutierrez, A Brilhault, A Serpa, M Raynal, ...
IRBM 33 (2), 182-189, 2012
Map learning with a 3D printed interactive small-scale model: Improvement of space and text memorization in visually impaired students
S Giraud, AM Brock, MJM Macé, C Jouffrais
Frontiers in psychology 8, 930, 2017
Active versus passive training of a complex bimanual task: Is prescriptive proprioceptive information sufficient for inducing motor learning?
I Beets, MJM Macé, R Meesen, K Cuypers, O Levin, SP Swinnen
PloS one 7 (5), e37687, 2012
Tangible reels: construction and exploration of tangible maps by visually impaired users
J Ducasse, MJM Macé, M Serrano, C Jouffrais
Proceedings of the 2016 CHI conference on human factors in computing systems …, 2016
Limits of event-related potential differences in tracking object processing speed
GA Rousselet, MJM Macé, SJ Thorpe, M Fabre-Thorpe
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 19 (8), 1241-1258, 2007
Rapid categorization of natural scenes in monkeys: Target predictability and processing speed
MJM Macé, G Richard, A Delorme, M Fabre-Thorpe
Neuroreport 16 (4), 349-354, 2005
Assistive device for the blind based on object recognition: an application to identify currency bills
R Parlouar, F Dramas, MJM Macé, C Jouffrais
11th international ACM SIGACCESS conference on Computers and accessibility …, 2009
Spotting animals in natural scenes: efficiency of humans and monkeys at very low contrasts
MJM Macé, A Delorme, G Richard, M Fabre-Thorpe
Animal cognition 13, 405-418, 2010
Corticospinal facilitation following prolonged proprioceptive stimulation by means of passive wrist movement
MJM Macé, O Levin, K Alaerts, JC Rothwell, SP Swinnen
Journal of clinical neurophysiology 25 (4), 202-209, 2008
Simplification of visual rendering in simulated prosthetic vision facilitates navigation
V Vergnieux, MJM Macé, C Jouffrais
Artificial organs 41 (9), 852-861, 2017
Spatiotemporal analyses of the N170 for human faces, animal faces and objects in natural scenes
GA Rousselet, MJM Macé, M Fabre-Thorpe
Neuroreport 15 (17), 2607-2611, 2004
Botmap: Non-visual panning and zooming with an actuated tabletop tangible interface
J Ducasse, M Macé, B Oriola, C Jouffrais
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI) 25 (4), 1-42, 2018
Wayfinding with Simulated Prosthetic Vision: Performance comparison with regular and structure-enhanced renderings
V Vergnieux, MJM Macé, C Jouffrais
36th International conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society …, 2014
Using wrist vibrations to guide hand movement and whole body navigation
A Brock, S Kammoun, MJM Macé, C Jouffrais
i-com 13 (3), 19-28, 2014
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