Samira Beyramysoltan
Samira Beyramysoltan
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A review of recent methods for the determination of ranges of feasible solutions resulting from soft modelling analyses of multivariate data
A Golshan, H Abdollahi, S Beyramysoltan, M Maeder, K Neymeyr, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 911, 1-13, 2016
Investigation of the equality constraint effect on the reduction of the rotational ambiguity in three-component system using a novel grid search method
S Beyramysoltan, R Rajkó, H Abdollahi
Analytica Chimica Acta 791, 25-35, 2013
Definition and detection of data-based uniqueness in evaluating bilinear (two-way) chemical measurements
R Rajkó, H Abdollahi, S Beyramysoltan, N Omidikia
Analytica Chimica Acta 855, 21-33, 2015
Newer developments on self-modeling curve resolution implementing equality and unimodality constraints
S Beyramysoltan, H Abdollahi, R Rajkó
Analytica chimica acta 827, 1-14, 2014
A chemometric strategy for forensic analysis of condom residues: Identification and marker profiling of condom brands from direct analysis in real time-high resolution mass …
AM Coon, S Beyramysoltan, RA Musah
Talanta 194, 563-575, 2019
Gelatin speciation using real-time PCR and analysis of mass spectrometry-based proteomics datasets
B Jannat, K Ghorbani, H Shafieyan, S Kouchaki, A Behfar, N Sadeghi, ...
Food Control 87, 79-87, 2018
Distinguishing tissue origin of bovine gelatin in processed products using LC/MS technique in combination with chemometrics tools
K Ghorbani, S Kouchaki, N Sadeghi, E Eslamifarsani, F Rabbani, ...
Food chemistry 319, 126302, 2020
Closure constraint in multivariate curve resolution
N Omidikia, S Beyramysoltan, J Mohammad Jafari, E Tavakkoli, ...
Journal of Chemometrics 32 (12), e2975, 2018
Direct analysis in real time-mass spectrometry and Kohonen artificial neural networks for species identification of larva, pupa and adult life stages of carrion insects
S Beyramysoltan, JE Giffen, JY Rosati, RA Musah
Analytical chemistry 90 (15), 9206-9217, 2018
Identification of the species constituents of maggot populations feeding on decomposing remains—facilitation of the determination of post mortem interval and time since tissue …
S Beyramysoltan, MI Ventura, JY Rosati, JE Giffen-Lemieux, RA Musah
Analytical chemistry 92 (7), 5439-5446, 2020
Call it a “nightshade”—A hierarchical classification approach to identification of hallucinogenic Solanaceae spp. using DART-HRMS-derived chemical signatures
S Beyramysoltan, NH Abdul-Rahman, RA Musah
Talanta 204, 739-746, 2019
Random forest processing of direct analysis in real-time mass spectrometric data enables species identification of psychoactive plants from their headspace chemical signatures
MG Appley, S Beyramysoltan, RA Musah
Acs Omega 4 (13), 15636-15644, 2019
Workflow for the Supervised Learning of Chemical Data: Efficient Data Reduction-Multivariate Curve Resolution (EDR-MCR)
S Beyramysoltan, H Abdollahi, RA Musah
Analytical Chemistry, 2021
Introducing “DoPP”: A Graphical User-Friendly Application for the Rapid Species Identification of Psychoactive Plant Materials and Quantification of Psychoactive Small …
S Beyramysoltan, MI Chambers, AM Osborne, MI Ventura, RA Musah
Analytical Chemistry 94 (48), 16570-16578, 2022
Fitting-free curve resolution of spectroscopic data: Chemometric and physical chemical viewpoints
R Rajkó, S Beyramysoltan, H Abdollahi, J Eőri, G Pongor
Analytica Chimica Acta 888, 19-26, 2015
Distinguishing Infested Flour from Uninfested Flour through Chemometric Processing of DART-HRMS Data─Revealing the Presence of Tribolium castaneum, the …
AM Osborne, S Beyramysoltan, RA Musah
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 71 (22), 8613-8621, 2023
Combined ambient ionization mass spectrometric and chemometric approach for the differentiation of hemp and marijuana varieties of Cannabis sativa
MI Chambers, S Beyramysoltan, B Garosi, RA Musah
Journal of Cannabis Research 5 (1), 5, 2023
Revealing the presence of tryptamine new psychoactive substances using fused “neutral loss” spectra derived from DART high-resolution mass spectra
MI Ventura, S Beyramysoltan, RA Musah
Talanta 246, 123417, 2022
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