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ICG-loaded gold nano-bipyramids with NIR activatable dual PTT-PDT therapeutic potential in melanoma cells
A Campu, M Focsan, F Lerouge, R Borlan, L Tie, D Rugina, S Astilean
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 194, 111213, 2020
A simple and efficient design to improve the detection of biotin-streptavidin interaction with plasmonic nanobiosensors
M Focsan, A Campu, AM Craciun, M Potara, C Leordean, D Maniu, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 86, 728-735, 2016
Gold nanobipyramids performing as highly sensitive dual-modal optical immunosensors
A Campu, F Lerouge, D Chateau, F Chaput, P Baldeck, S Parola, D Maniu, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (14), 8567-8575, 2018
Assessment of the photothermal conversion efficiencies of tunable gold bipyramids under irradiation by two laser lines in a NIR biological window
A Campu, AM Craciun, M Focsan, S Astilean
Nanotechnology 30 (40), 405701, 2019
Controlling the end-to-end assembly of gold nanorods to enhance the plasmonic response in near infrared
L Tie, M Focsan, J Bosson, C Tira, A Campu, A Vulpoi, S Astilean
Materials Research Express 6 (9), 095038, 2019
Multimodal biosensing on paper-based platform fabricated by plasmonic calligraphy using gold nanobypiramids ink
A Campu, L Susu, F Orzan, D Maniu, AM Craciun, A Vulpoi, L Roiban, ...
Frontiers in chemistry 7, 55, 2019
Designing efficient low-cost paper-based sensing plasmonic nanoplatforms
L Susu, A Campu, AM Craciun, A Vulpoi, S Astilean, M Focsan
Sensors 18 (9), 3035, 2018
Cardiac troponin biosensor designs: Current developments and remaining challenges
A Campu, I Muresan, AM Craciun, S Cainap, S Astilean, M Focsan
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (14), 7728, 2022
Fluorescent phthalocyanine-encapsulated bovine serum albumin nanoparticles: Their deployment as therapeutic agents in the NIR region
R Borlan, D Stoia, L Gaina, A Campu, G Marc, M Perde-Schrepler, ...
Molecules 26 (15), 4679, 2021
Calligraphed selective plasmonic arrays on paper platforms for complementary dual optical “ON/OFF Switch” sensing
L Susu, A Campu, S Astilean, M Focsan
Nanomaterials 10 (6), 1025, 2020
Ultrasensitive SEIRA detection using gold nanobipyramids: toward efficient multimodal immunosensor
A Campu, F Lerouge, D Maniu, K Magyari, M Focsan
Journal of Molecular Structure 1246, 131160, 2021
NIR photothermal-activable drug-conjugated microcapsules for in vitro targeted delivery and release: an alternative treatment of diabetic retinopathy
D Stoia, M Nistor, M Suciu, R Borlan, A Campu, D Rugina, D Maniu, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 635, 122700, 2023
No country for old antibiotics! Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as next-generation treatment for skin and soft tissue infection
M Raileanu, R Borlan, A Campu, L Janosi, I Turcu, M Focsan, M Bacalum
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 123169, 2023
Hybrid polymeric therapeutic microcarriers for thermoplasmonic-triggered release of resveratrol
D Stoia, R Pop, A Campu, M Nistor, S Astilean, A Pintea, M Suciu, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 220, 112915, 2022
Antibody-functionalized theranostic protein nanoparticles for the synergistic deep red fluorescence imaging and multimodal therapy of ovarian cancer
R Borlan, M Focsan, M Perde-Schrepler, O Soritau, A Campu, L Gaina, ...
Biomaterials Science 9 (18), 6183-6202, 2021
Versatile polypeptide-functionalized plasmonic paper as synergistic biocompatible and antimicrobial nanoplatform
L Tie, M Răileanu, M Bacalum, I Codita, ȘM Negrea, CȘ Caracoti, ...
Molecules 25 (14), 3182, 2020
Microfluidic platform for integrated plasmonic detection in laminal flow
A Campu, F Lerouge, AM Craciun, T Murariu, I Turcu, S Astilean, ...
Nanotechnology 31 (33), 335502, 2020
Assessing the efficiency of triangular gold nanoparticles as NIR photothermal agents in vitro and melanoma tumor model
S Suarasan, A Campu, A Vulpoi, M Banciu, S Astilean
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (22), 13724, 2022
Advanced nanostructures for microbial contaminants detection by means of spectroscopic methods
M Potara, A Campu, D Maniu, M Focsan, I Botiz, S Astilean
Advanced Nanostructures for Environmental Health, 347-384, 2020
Implementation of Gold Nano-bipyramids as Efficient Biosensing Enhancers and Thermo-plasmonic Generators
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