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Neuro-inspired spike-based motion: From dynamic vision sensor to robot motor open-loop control through spike-VITE
F Perez-Peña, A Morgado-Estevez, A Linares-Barranco, ...
Sensors 13 (11), 15805-15832, 2013
NeuroPod: a real-time neuromorphic spiking CPG applied to robotics
D Gutierrez-Galan, JP Dominguez-Morales, F Perez-Peña, ...
Neurocomputing 381, 10-19, 2020
Low latency event-based filtering and feature extraction for dynamic vision sensors in real-time FPGA applications
A Linares-Barranco, F Perez-Peña, DP Moeys, F Gomez-Rodriguez, ...
IEEE Access 7, 134926-134942, 2019
Real-time neuro-inspired sound source localization and tracking architecture applied to a robotic platform
EC Escudero, FP Peña, RP Vicente, A Jimenez-Fernandez, GJ Moreno, ...
Neurocomputing 283, 129-139, 2018
Bio-plausible digital implementation of a reward modulated STDP synapse
FM Quintana, F Perez-Pena, PL Galindo
Neural Computing and Applications 34 (18), 15649-15660, 2022
ED-BioRob: a neuromorphic robotic arm with FPGA-based infrastructure for bio-inspired spiking motor controllers
A Linares-Barranco, F Perez-Peña, A Jimenez-Fernandez, E Chicca
Frontiers in neurorobotics 14, 590163, 2020
Open-loop neuromorphic controller implemented on vlsi devices
E Donati, F Perez-Peña, C Bartolozzi, G Indiveri, E Chicca
2018 7th IEEE International conference on biomedical robotics and …, 2018
Towards bioinspired close-loop local motor control: A simulated approach supporting neuromorphic implementations
F Perez-Peña, JA Leñero-Bardallo, A Linares-Barranco, E Chicca
2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 1-4, 2017
An approach to motor control for spike-based neuromorphic robotics
F Perez-Pena, A Linares-Barranco, E Chicca
2014 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS) Proceedings …, 2014
Smart shoe insole based on polydimethylsiloxane composite capacitive sensors
F Luna-Perejón, B Salvador-Domínguez, F Perez-Peña, JMR Corral, ...
Sensors 23 (3), 1298, 2023
Pipeline AER arbitration with event aging
JA Lenero-Bardallo, F Pérez-Peña, R Carmona-Galán, ...
2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 1-4, 2017
ETLP: Event-based Three-factor Local Plasticity for online learning with neuromorphic hardware
FM Quintana, F Perez-Peña, PL Galindo, EO Neftci, E Chicca, L Khacef
arXiv preprint arXiv:2301.08281, 2023
Digital neuromorphic real-time platform
F Perez-Peña, MA Cifredo-Chacon, A Quiros-Olozabal
Neurocomputing 371, 91-99, 2020
Application of robot programming to the teaching of object-oriented computer languages
JM Rodríguez Corral, A Morgado Estévez, D Cabrera Molina, ...
International Journal of Engineering Education, 32 (4), 1823-1832., 2016
Implementation of processing functions for autonomous power quality measurement equipment: A performance evaluation of CPU and FPGA-based embedded system
MÁ Cifredo-Chacón, F Perez-Peña, Á Quirós-Olozábal, ...
Energies 12 (5), 914, 2019
Spike-based VITE control with dynamic vision sensor applied to an arm robot
F Perez-Pena, A Morgado-Estevez, T Serrano-Gotarredona, ...
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 463-466, 2014
Neuromorphic adaptive spiking CPG towards bio-inspired locomotion
P Lopez-Osorio, A Patiño-Saucedo, JP Dominguez-Morales, ...
Neurocomputing 502, 57-70, 2022
NESIM-RT: A real-time distributed spiking neural network simulator
DJ Rosa-Gallardo, JC de la Torre, FM Quintana, JP Dominguez-Morales, ...
SoftwareX 22, 101349, 2023
Inter-spikes-intervals exponential and gamma distributions study of neuron firing rate for SVITE motor control model on FPGA
F Pérez-Peña, A Morgado-Estévez, A Linares-Barranco
Neurocomputing 149, 496-504, 2015
Towards AER VITE: building spike gate signal
F Perez-Peña, A Morgado-Estevez, C Rioja-Del-Rio, A Linares-Barranco, ...
2012 19th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and …, 2012
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