Joao Luis Ealo Cuello
Joao Luis Ealo Cuello
School of Mechanical Engineering - Universidad del Valle - Colombia
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Citat de
Citat de
Performance evaluation of 3D-LOCUS advanced acoustic LPS
JC Prieto, AR Jiménez, J Guevara, JL Ealo, F Seco, JO Roa, F Ramos
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JL Ealo, JC Prieto, F Seco
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JL Ealo, F Seco, AR Jimenez
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AD Koutsou, F Seco, AR Jiménez, JO Roa, JL Ealo, C Prieto, J Guevara
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Optimal placement of sensors for trilateration: Regular lattices vs meta-heuristic solutions
JO Roa, AR Jiménez, F Seco, JC Prieto, J Ealo
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Applications of airborne ultrasound in human–computer interaction
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Ultrasonic sensing of plant water needs for agriculture
T Gómez Álvarez-Arenas, E Gil-Pelegrin, J Ealo Cuello, MD Fariñas, ...
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Observation of polarization singularities and topological textures in sound waves
RD Muelas-Hurtado, K Volke-Sepúlveda, JL Ealo, F Nori, MA Alonso, ...
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Active-spiral Fresnel zone plate with tunable focal length for airborne generation of focused acoustic vortices
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Ultrasonic determination of the elastic constants of epoxy-natural fiber composites
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Characterization of phased array-steered acoustic vortex beams
JF Pazos-Ospina, JL Ealo, EE Franco
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 142 (1), 61-71, 2017
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