Raluca Maria STIRBESCU
Raluca Maria STIRBESCU
Valahia University of Targoviste
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Characterization of Phenolics in Lavandula angustifolia
C Radulescu, C Stihi, M Ilie, D Lazurcă, R Gruia, OT Olaru, OC Bute, ...
Analytical Letters 50 (17), 2839-2850, 2017
Heavy metals accumulation and translocation in native plants grown on tailing dumps and human health risk
G Pehoiu, O Murarescu, C Radulescu, ID Dulama, S Teodorescu, ...
Plant and Soil 456, 405-424, 2020
ATR-FTIR and SEM-EDS analyses of lumea noua painted pottery from Alba Iulia-Lumea noua neolithic site
A Bintintan, M Gligor, ID Dulama, S Teodorescu, RM Stirbescu, ...
Revista de Chimie Bucharest 68 (4), 847-52, 2017
Health risk assessment associated with abandoned copper and uranium mine tailings
G Pehoiu, C Radulescu, O Murarescu, ID Dulama, IA Bucurica, ...
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 102, 504-510, 2019
Chemometric Assessment of Spectroscopic Techniques and Antioxidant Activity for Hippophae rhamnoides L. Extracts Obtained by Different Isolation Methods
C Radulescu, RL Olteanu, C Stihi, M Florescu, D Lazurca, ID Dulama, ...
Analytical letters 52 (15), 2393-2415, 2019
Multielemental and Chemical Characterization of Eneolithic Petresti Painted Pottery from the Alba Iulia-Lumea Noua Archaeological Site, Romania
A Bintintan, M Gligor, C Radulescu, ID Dulama, R Lucian Olteanu, ...
Analytical Letters 52 (15), 2348-2364, 2019
Wood preservation with gold hydroxyapatite system
RM Ion, T Nyokong, N Nwahara, IR Suica-Bunghez, L Iancu, ...
Heritage Science 6 (1), 1-12, 2018
Non-Destructive and micro-invasive techniques for characterizing the ancient Roman Mosaic fragments
RM Ion, BA Bakirov, SE Kichanov, DP Kozlenko, AV Belushkin, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (11), 3781, 2020
Chemical composition assessment of sulphurous waters
O Murarescu, G Pehoiu, C Radulescu, ID Dulama, S Teodorescu, ...
Rev Chim 69, 1037-1040, 2018
Analysis and structural investigations on Early Eneolithic Foeni painted pottery from Alba Iulia-Lumea Noua archaeological site
A Bintintan, M Gligor, ID Dulama, C Radulescu, C Stihi, RM Ion, ...
Rom. J. Phys 64, 903, 2019
Arhaeometric investigations on ceramic materials from Hunedoara-the court area
RM Ion, L Iancu, RM Grigorescu, S Tincu, G Vasilievici, N Ion, IA Bucurica, ...
Journal of Science and Arts 18 (2), 471-480, 2018
Studies on accumulation of heavy metals in Acacia leaf by EDXRF
I Dulama, IV Popescu, C Stihi, C Radulescu, GV Cimpoca, LG Toma, ...
Romanian Reports in Physics 64 (4), 1063-1071, 2012
Determination of heavy metal contents in surface water by Inductively Coupled Plasma—Mass Spectrometry: A case study of Ialomita River, Romania
ID Dulama, C Radulescu, ED Chelarescu, IA Bucurica, S Teodorescu, ...
Rom. J. Phys 62 (5-6), 807-815, 2017
Assessment of drinking water quality using statistical analysis: A Case Study
C Radulescu, P Bretcan, A Pohoata, D Tanislav, RM Stirbescu
Rom. J. Phys 61, 1604-1616, 2016
Chemometrics‐based vibrational spectroscopy for Juglandis semen extracts investigation
C Radulescu, RL Olteanu, C Stihi, M Florescu, RM Stirbescu, ...
Journal of Chemometrics 34 (6), e3234, 2020
Fitochemical and antioxidant characterization of Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) flowers and roots plant extracts
IR Suica-Bunghez, RM Ion, S Teodorescu, AA Sorescu, RM Stirbescu, ...
Journal of Science and Arts 17 (3), 539-546, 2017
Assessment of heavy metals content of crude oil contaminated soil
C Radulescu, C Stihi, IV Popescu, LG Toma, ED Chelarescu, R Stirbescu
Journal of science and Arts 12 (4), 459, 2012
ICP-MS and SEM-EDS investigations of insulating materials used in electrical machines
C Radulescu, C Stihi, IV Popescu, B Varaticeanu, G Telipan, M Bumbac, ...
Journal of Science and Arts 1 (34), 77-84, 2016
Spatial distribution of heavy metals in urban soils
RM Stirbescu, C Radulescu, C Stihi, ID Dulama, ED Chelarescu, ...
Rom. Rep. Phys 71 (2), 705, 2019
Heavy metals in pollen samples collected from the Dambovita county analysed by EDXRF method
G Dima, IV Popescu, S Dinu, O Nitescu, R Stirbescu
Rom J Phys 57, 1411-1416, 2012
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