Shuang Yang
Shuang Yang
Machine Learning Engineer @ Meta
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Citat de
Like like alike: joint friendship and interest propagation in social networks
SH Yang, B Long, A Smola, N Sadagopan, Z Zheng, H Zha
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A semi-supervised graph attentive network for financial fraud detection
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Functional matrix factorizations for cold-start recommendation
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A Learning-based Iterative Method for Solving Vehicle Routing Problems
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Mixture of mutually exciting processes for viral diffusion
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Dimensionality reduction and topic modeling: From latent semantic indexing to latent dirichlet allocation and beyond
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Collaborative competitive filtering: learning recommender using context of user choice
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Qeba: Query-efficient boundary-based blackbox attack
H Li, X Xu, X Zhang, S Yang, B Li
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Large-scale high-precision topic modeling on twitter
SH Yang, A Kolcz, A Schlaikjer, P Gupta
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Friend or frenemy? Predicting signed ties in social networks
SH Yang, AJ Smola, B Long, H Zha, Y Chang
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Method and system for recommending content to a user
Z Zheng, X Li, R Lu, S Yang
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Characterizing attacks on deep reinforcement learning
X Pan, C Xiao, W He, S Yang, J Peng, M Sun, J Yi, Z Yang, M Liu, B Li, ...
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Dirichlet-bernoulli alignment: A generative model for multi-class multi-label multi-instance corpora
SH Yang, H Zha, BG Hu
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Named entity mining from click-through data using weakly supervised latent dirichlet allocation
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Learning for graph matching and related combinatorial optimization problems
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Discriminative feature selection by nonparametric bayes error minimization
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Bandit samplers for training graph neural networks
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Uncovering insurance fraud conspiracy with network learning
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Variational graph embedding for globally and locally consistent feature extraction
SH Yang, H Zha, SK Zhou, BG Hu
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: European Conference …, 2009
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