Mihnea Zdrenghea
Mihnea Zdrenghea
Professor of Haematology, UMF Cluj
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Vitamin D modulation of innate immune responses to respiratory viral infections
MT Zdrenghea, H Makrinioti, C Bagacean, A Bush, SL Johnston, ...
Reviews in medical virology 27 (1), e1909, 2017
COVID-19 severity and mortality in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a joint study by ERIC, the European Research Initiative on CLL, and CLL Campus
L Scarfò, T Chatzikonstantinou, GM Rigolin, G Quaresmini, M Motta, ...
Leukemia 34 (9), 2354-2363, 2020
Vitamin D increases the antiviral activity of bronchial epithelial cells in vitro
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Vitamin D deficiency and the COVID-19 pandemic
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The role of IL-15 deficiency in the pathogenesis of virus-induced asthma exacerbations
V Laza-Stanca, SD Message, MR Edwards, HL Parker, MT Zdrenghea, ...
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RSV-induced bronchial epithelial cell PD-L1 expression inhibits CD8+ T cell nonspecific antiviral activity
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How to diagnose and treat a cancer of unknown primary site.
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The role of macrophage IL‐10/innate IFN interplay during virus‐induced asthma
MT Zdrenghea, H Makrinioti, A Muresan, SL Johnston, LA Stanciu
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RSV infection modulates IL-15 production and MICA levels in respiratory epithelial cells
MT Zdrenghea, AG Telcian, V Laza-Stanca, CM Bellettato, MR Edwards, ...
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Immune checkpoint blockade: the role of PD-1-PD-L axis in lymphoid malignancies
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Gold nanoparticles enhance the effect of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia therapy
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TERT rs2736100 A>C SNP and JAK2 46/1 haplotype significantly contribute to the occurrence of JAK2 V617F and CALR mutated myeloproliferative neoplasms …
AP Trifa, C Bănescu, M Tevet, A Bojan, D Dima, L Urian, T Török‐Vistai, ...
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Arterial stenosis and atherothrombotic events in polycythemia vera and essential thrombocythemia
A Cucuianu, M Stoia, A Farcas, D Dima, M Zdrenghea, M Patiu, D Olinic, ...
Rom J Intern Med 44 (4), 397-406, 2006
A review of macrophage micrornas’ role in human asthma
G Feketea, CI Bocsan, C Popescu, M Gaman, LA Stanciu, MT Zdrenghea
Cells 8 (5), 420, 2019
Exosome-carried microRNA-based signature as a cellular trigger for the evolution of chronic lymphocytic leukemia into Richter syndrome
A Jurj, L Pop, B Petrushev, S Pasca, D Dima, I Frinc, D Deak, ...
Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 55 (7), 501-515, 2018
Advances in the treatment of newly diagnosed primary central nervous system lymphomas
L Qian, C Tomuleasa, IA Florian, J Shen, IS Florian, M Zdrenghea, ...
Blood research 52 (3), 159-166, 2017
Vitamin D in corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) related multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C)
G Feketea, V Vlacha, IC Bocsan, E Vassilopoulou, LA Stanciu, ...
Frontiers in immunology 12, 648546, 2021
Systemic sclerosis-polymyositis overlap syndrome associated with autoimmune hepatitis and cerebral vasculitis
C Pamfil, MT Zdrenghea, PA Mircea, RMM Saplacan, N Rednic, S Rednic
J Gastrointestin Liver Dis 21 (3), 317-320, 2012
Combining cytogenetic and epigenetic approaches in chronic lymphocytic leukemia improves prognosis prediction for patients with isolated 13q deletion
C Bagacean, C Le Dantec, C Berthou, A Tempescul, H Saad, A Bordron, ...
Clinical Epigenetics 9 (1), 1-11, 2017
Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: from uncertainties to promises
C Bagacean, M Zdrenghea, A Tempescul, V Cristea, Y Renaudineau
Immunotherapy 8 (5), 569-581, 2016
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