Aleksandra Buha Djordjevic
Aleksandra Buha Djordjevic
Department of Toxicology, University of Belgrade-Faculty of Pharmacy
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Citat de
Insight into the oxidative stress induced by lead and/or cadmium in blood, liver and kidneys
V Matović, A Buha, D Ðukić-Ćosić, Z Bulat
Food and Chemical Toxicology 78, 130-140, 2015
Toxic effect of acute cadmium and lead exposure in rat blood, liver, and kidney
M Andjelkovic, A Buha Djordjevic, E Antonijevic, B Antonijevic, M Stanic, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 16 (2), 274, 2019
Cadmium toxicity revisited: focus on oxidative stress induction and interactions with zinc and magnesium
V Matović, A Buha, Z Bulat, D Đukić-Ćosić
Arhiv za higijenu rada i toksikologiju 62 (1), 65-75, 2011
Overview of cadmium thyroid disrupting effects and mechanisms
A Buha, V Matovic, B Antonijevic, Z Bulat, M Curcic, EA Renieri, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19 (5), 1501, 2018
Arsenic toxicity: molecular targets and therapeutic agents
VM Nurchi, A Buha Djordjevic, G Crisponi, J Alexander, G Bjørklund, ...
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PFAS molecules: a major concern for the human health and the environment
E Panieri, K Baralic, D Djukic-Cosic, A Buha Djordjevic, L Saso
Toxics 10 (2), 44, 2022
Environmental cadmium exposure and pancreatic cancer: Evidence from case control, animal and in vitro studies
VR Djordjevic, DR Wallace, A Schweitzer, N Boricic, D Knezevic, S Matic, ...
Environment international 128, 353-361, 2019
An overview of molecular mechanisms in cadmium toxicity
D Đukić-Ćosić, K Baralić, D Javorac, AB Djordjevic, Z Bulat
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Toxic-metal-induced alteration in miRNA expression profile as a proposed mechanism for disease development
DR Wallace, YM Taalab, S Heinze, B Tariba Lovaković, A Pizent, ...
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A review on coordination properties of thiol-containing chelating agents towards mercury, cadmium, and lead
G Bjørklund, G Crisponi, VM Nurchi, R Cappai, A Buha Djordjevic, ...
Molecules 24 (18), 3247, 2019
Potential applications of NRF2 modulators in cancer therapy
E Panieri, A Buha, P Telkoparan-Akillilar, D Cevik, D Kouretas, ...
Antioxidants 9 (3), 193, 2020
Cadmium exposure as a putative risk factor for the development of pancreatic cancer: three different lines of evidence
A Buha, D Wallace, V Matovic, A Schweitzer, B Oluic, D Micic, ...
BioMed Research International 2017 (1), 1981837, 2017
Heavy metal and pesticide exposure: A mixture of potential toxicity and carcinogenicity
DR Wallace, AB Djordjevic
Current Opinion in Toxicology 19, 72-79, 2020
Nonlinear responses to waterborne cadmium exposure in zebrafish. An in vivo study
EA Renieri, DG Sfakianakis, AA Alegakis, IV Safenkova, A Buha, ...
Environmental research 157, 173-181, 2017
Bone mineral health is sensitively related to environmental cadmium exposure-experimental and human data
A Buha, R Jugdaohsingh, V Matovic, Z Bulat, B Antonijevic, JG Kerns, ...
Environmental research 176, 108539, 2019
Analysis of the intricate effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols on inflammatory pathways in health and disease
D Margină, A Ungurianu, C Purdel, GM Nițulescu, D Tsoukalas, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 143, 111558, 2020
The impact of prolonged cadmium exposure and co-exposure with polychlorinated biphenyls on thyroid function in rats
A Buha, B Antonijević, Z Bulat, V Jaćević, V Milovanović, V Matović
Toxicology Letters 221 (2), 83-90, 2013
Critical assessment and integration of separate lines of evidence for risk assessment of chemical mixtures
AF Hernandez, A Buha, C Constantin, DR Wallace, D Sarigiannis, ...
Archives of toxicology 93, 2741-2757, 2019
Route-dependent effects of cadmium/cadmium and magnesium acute treatment on parameters of oxidative stress in rat liver
V Matović, A Buha, Z Bulat, D Đukić-Ćosić, M Miljković, J Ivaniąević, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 50 (3-4), 552-557, 2012
Toxic effects of the mixture of phthalates and bisphenol a—subacute oral toxicity study in wistar rats
K Baralić, A Buha Djordjevic, K ®ivančević, E Antonijević, M Anđelković, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 17 (3), 746, 2020
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