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Inflammation‐related mechanisms in chronic kidney disease prediction, progression, and outcome
S Mihai, E Codrici, ID Popescu, AM Enciu, L Albulescu, LG Necula, ...
Journal of immunology research 2018 (1), 2180373, 2018
Triggers and effectors of oxidative stress at blood‐brain barrier level: relevance for brain ageing and neurodegeneration
AM Enciu, M Gherghiceanu, BO Popescu
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Natural compounds with antimicrobial and antiviral effect and nanocarriers used for their transportation
D Stan, AM Enciu, AL Mateescu, AC Ion, AC Brezeanu, D Stan, C Tanase
Frontiers in pharmacology 12, 723233, 2021
Glioma stem cells and their microenvironments: providers of challenging therapeutic targets
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Neuroregeneration in neurodegenerative disorders
AM Enciu, MI Nicolescu, CG Manole, DF Mureșanu, LM Popescu, ...
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Targeting CD36 as biomarker for metastasis prognostic: how far from translation into clinical practice?
AM Enciu, E Radu, ID Popescu, ME Hinescu, LC Ceafalan
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Prostate cancer proteomics: Current trends and future perspectives for biomarker discovery
CP Tanase, E Codrici, ID Popescu, S Mihai, AM Enciu, LG Necula, ...
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Is there a causal link between inflammation and dementia?
AM Enciu, BO Popescu
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Overexpression of tear inflammatory cytokines as additional finding in keratoconus patients and their first degree family members
IC Ionescu, CG Corbu, C Tanase, G Ionita, C Nicula, V Coviltir, V Potop, ...
Mediators of Inflammation 2018 (1), 4285268, 2018
Knockdown of KRT17 by siRNA induces antitumoral effects on gastric cancer cells
M Chivu-Economescu, DL Dragu, LG Necula, L Matei, AM Enciu, C Bleotu, ...
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CD36 in Alzheimer’s disease: an overview of molecular mechanisms and therapeutic targeting
AM Dobri, M Dudău, AM Enciu, ME Hinescu
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Phytochemicals in cancer prevention: modulating epigenetic alterations of DNA methylation
S Pop, AM Enciu, I Tarcomnicu, E Gille, C Tanase
Phytochemistry Reviews 18, 1005-1024, 2019
Comprehensive in vitro testing of calcium phosphate-based bioceramics with orthopedic and dentistry applications
R Albulescu, AC Popa, AM Enciu, L Albulescu, M Dudau, ID Popescu, ...
Materials 12 (22), 3704, 2019
Drugs modulating CD4+ T cells blood–brain barrier interaction in Alzheimer’s disease
N Kubick, PCH Flournoy, AM Enciu, G Manda, ME Mickael
Pharmaceutics 12 (9), 880, 2020
Anti-cancer therapies in high grade gliomas
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Long non‐coding RNA s in brain tumours: Focus on recent epigenetic findings in glioma
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Neurobiology of vascular dementia
AM Enciu, SN Constantinescu, LM Popescu, DF Mureșanu, BO Popescu
Journal of aging research 2011 (1), 401604, 2011
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