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Inflammation-related mechanisms in chronic kidney disease prediction, progression, and outcome
S Mihai, E Codrici, ID Popescu, AM Enciu, L Albulescu, LG Necula, ...
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Triggers and effectors of oxidative stress at blood-brain barrier level: relevance for brain ageing and neurodegeneration
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Glioma stem cells and their microenvironments: providers of challenging therapeutic targets
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Targeting CD36 as biomarker for metastasis prognostic: how far from translation into clinical practice?
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Natural compounds with antimicrobial and antiviral effect and nanocarriers used for their transportation
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Is there a causal link between inflammation and dementia?
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MicroRNAs in brain development and degeneration
AM Enciu, BO Popescu, A Gheorghisan-Galateanu
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Knockdown of KRT17 by siRNA induces antitumoral effects on gastric cancer cells
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CD36 in Alzheimer’s disease: an overview of molecular mechanisms and therapeutic targeting
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Drugs Modulating CD4+ T Cells Blood–Brain Barrier Interaction in Alzheimer’s Disease
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Proteomic biomarkers panel: new insights in chronic kidney disease
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Long non‐coding RNA s in brain tumours: Focus on recent epigenetic findings in glioma
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Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 22 (10), 4597-4610, 2018
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