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Aritina Haliuc
University of Suceava
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Palaeohydrological changes during the mid and late Holocene in the Carpathian area, central-eastern Europe
A Haliuc, D Veres, A Brauer, K Hubay, SM Hutchinson, R Begy, M Braun
Global and Planetary Change 152, 99-114, 2017
The Lateglacial to early Holocene tephrochronological record from Lake Hämelsee, Germany: a key site within the European tephra framework
G Jones, CS Lane, A Brauer, SM Davies, R De Bruijn, S Engels, A Haliuc, ...
Boreas 47 (1), 28-40, 2018
The role of fire in landscape dynamics: An example of two sediment records from the Rodna Mountains, northern Romanian Carpathians
A Haliuc, SM Hutchinson, G Florescu, A Feurdean
catena 137, 432-440, 2016
Runoff events and related rainfall variability in the Southern Carpathians during the last 2000 years
J Longman, D Veres, V Ersek, A Haliuc, V Wennrich
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1-14, 2019
Ecosystem shift of a mountain lake under climate and human pressure: A move out from the safe operating space
Z Szabó, K Buczkó, A Haliuc, I Pál, JL Korponai, RC Begy, D Veres, ...
Science of the Total Environment 743, 140584, 2020
Lakes, lacustrine sediments, and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions
M Mîndrescu, G Florescu, I Grădinaru, A Haliuc
Landform Dynamics and Evolution in Romania, 699-734, 2017
Climate and land-use as the main drivers of recent environmental change in a mid-altitude mountain lake, Romanian Carpathians
A Haliuc, K Buczkó, SM Hutchinson, É Ács, EK Magyari, J Korponai, ...
PloS one 15 (10), e0239209, 2020
A study case of Baranca drainage basin flash-floods using the hydrological model of Hec-Ras
GEOREVIEW: Scientific Annals of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava …, 2012
Impacts of forest loss in the eastern Carpathian Mountains: linking remote sensing and sediment changes in a mid-altitude catchment (Red Lake, Romania)
A Haliuc, A Feurdean, M Mîndrescu, A Frantiuc, SM Hutchinson
Regional Environmental Change 19 (2), 461-475, 2019
Enriching the historical meteorological information using Romanian language newspaper reports: A database from 1880 to 1900
S Cheval, A Haliuc, B Antonescu, A Tișcovschi, M Dobre, F Tătui, ...
International Journal of Climatology 41, E548-E562, 2021
A 600 years sediment record of heavy metal pollution history in the Danube Delta
M Mîndrescu, A Haliuc, W Zhang, L Carozza, JM Carozza, T Groparu, ...
Science of The Total Environment 823, 153702, 2022
Ancient Faunal History Revealed by Interdisciplinary Biomolecular Approaches
E Rosengren, A Acatrinei, N Cruceru, M Dehasque, A Haliuc, E Lord, ...
Diversity 13 (8), 370, 2021
Rapid shifts in environmental conditions inferred from geochemical analyses of Lake Stiucii lacustrine record, Transylvanian Lowlands, Romania
D Veres, SM Hutchinson, A Haliuc, A Frantiuc, A Feurdean
GEOREVIEW: Scientific Annals of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava …, 2014
A detailed chronology of the sedimentation in the Danube abyssal fan records the major episodes of the late-Holocene Black Sea evolution
M Ilie, T Sava, A Vespremeanu-Stroe, OG Duliu, G Cristea, G Ion, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 70, 101279, 2022
Mammal extinction facilitated biome shift and human population change during the last glacial termination in East-Central Europe
EK Magyari, M Gasparik, I Major, G Lengyel, I Pál, A Virág, J Korponai, ...
Scientific reports 12 (1), 1-14, 2022
Carbon accumulation rates of Holocene peatlands in central–eastern Europe document the driving role of human impact over the past 4000 years
J Longman, D Veres, A Haliuc, W Finsinger, V Ersek, D Pascal, T Sava, ...
Climate of the Past 17 (6), 2633-2652, 2021
High-resolution multi-proxy reconstruction of Lake Ighiel (Western Carpathians, Romania): processes and controlling factors of lacustrine dynamics during the mid and late Holocene
A Haliuc, D Veres, K Hubay, R Begy, A Brauer, S Hutchinson, M Braun
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EPSC2016-5702, 2016
Synchronous vegetation response to the last glacial-interglacial transition in northwest Europe
S Engels, CS Lane, A Haliuc, WZ Hoek, F Muschitiello, I Baneschi, ...
Communications Earth & Environment 3 (1), 1-10, 2022
Reconstructing fire regimes using micro-charcoal in modern marine sediments off Africa
A Haliuc, AL Daniau, F Mouillot, W Chen, V David, V Hanquiez, ...
EGU22, 2022
Challenges in interpreting geochemical data: an appraisal of analytical techniques applied to a karstic lake sediment record
A Haliuc, A Bonk, J Longman, SM Hutchinson, M Zak, D Veres
Water 14 (5), 806, 2022
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