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Phytochemical profiling of bioactive compounds, anti-inflammatory and analgesic potentials of Habenaria digitata Lindl.: Molecular docking based synergistic effect of the …
MH Mahnashi, BA Alyami, YS Alqahtani, MS Jan, U Rashid, A Sadiq, ...
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Biosynthesis of silver capped magnesium oxide nanocomposite using Olea cuspidata leaf extract and their photocatalytic, antioxidant and antibacterial activity
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A facile fabrication of silver/copper oxide nanocomposite: An innovative entry in photocatalytic and biomedical materials
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Structural Modification, In Vitro, In Vivo, Ex Vivo, and In Silico Exploration of Pyrimidine and Pyrrolidine Cores for Targeting Enzymes Associated with …
MA Javed, N Ashraf, M Saeed Jan, MH Mahnashi, YS Alqahtani, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 12 (21), 4123-4143, 2021
Tailoring the substitution pattern of Pyrrolidine-2, 5-dione for discovery of new structural template for dual COX/LOX inhibition
A Sadiq, MH Mahnashi, BA Alyami, YS Alqahtani, AO Alqarni, U Rashid
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Enhanced molecular imprinted electrochemical sensing of histamine based on signal reporting nanohybrid
MH Mahnashi, AM Mahmoud, K Alhazzani, AZ Alanazi, MM Algahtani, ...
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Facile one pot sonochemical synthesis of layered nanostructure of ZnS NPs/rGO nanosheets for simultaneous analysis of daclatasvir and hydroxychloroquine
SA Alkahtani, AM Mahmoud, MH Mahnashi, AO AlQarni, YSA Alqahtani, ...
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Phytochemical Analysis, α-Glucosidase and Amylase Inhibitory, and Molecular Docking Studies on Persicaria hydropiper L. Leaves Essential Oils
MH Mahnashi, YS Alqahtani, BA Alyami, AO Alqarni, M Ayaz, M Ghufran, ...
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2022, 2022
Cytotoxicity, anti-angiogenic, anti-tumor and molecular docking studies on phytochemicals isolated from Polygonum hydropiper L.
MH Mahnashi, YS Alqahtani, BA Alyami, AO Alqarni, F Ullah, A Wadood, ...
BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies 21 (1), 1-14, 2021
Antioxidant molecules isolated from edible prostrate knotweed: rational derivatization to produce more potent molecules
MH Mahnashi, BA Alyami, YS Alqahtani, AO Alqarni, MS Jan, F Hussain, ...
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2022, 2022
Bifunctional nanoprobe for dual-mode detection based on blue emissive iron and nitrogen co-doped carbon dots as a peroxidase-mimic platform
YS Alqahtani, AM Mahmoud, MM El-Wekil
Talanta 253, 124024, 2023
Synthesis of Michael Adducts as Key Building Blocks for Potential Analgesic Drugs: In vitro, in vivo and in silico Explorations
S Ahmad, MH Mahnashi, BA Alyami, YS Alqahtani, F Ullah, M Ayaz, ...
Drug design, development and therapy 15, 1299, 2021
Superbranched polyglycerol nanostructures as drug delivery and theranostics tools for cancer treatment
M Rahman, M Alrobaian, WH Almalki, MH Mahnashi, BA Alyami, ...
Drug Discovery Today, 2020
Crude extract and isolated bioactive compounds from Notholirion thomsonianum (Royale) Stapf as multitargets antidiabetic agents: in-vitro and molecular docking approaches
MH Mahnashi, YS Alqahtani, AO Alqarni, BA Alyami, MS Jan, M Ayaz, ...
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Facile and eco-benign fabrication of Ag/Fe2O3 nanocomposite using Algaia Monozyga leaves extract and its’ efficient biocidal and photocatalytic applications
AU Khan, A ur Rahman, Q Yuan, A Ahmad, ZUH Khan, MH Mahnashi, ...
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 32, 101970, 2020
Synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and molecular modelling studies of pregnenolone derivatives as inhibitors of human dihydrofolate reductase
MB Tufail, MA Javed, M Ikram, MH Mahnashi, BA Alyami, YS Alqahtani, ...
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HPLC-DAD phenolics analysis, α-glucosidase, α-amylase inhibitory, molecular docking and nutritional profiles of Persicaria hydropiper L.
MH Mahnashi, YS Alqahtani, BA Alyami, AO Alqarni, SA Alqahl, F Ullah, ...
BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies 22 (1), 26, 2022
Phytochemistry, anti-diabetic and antioxidant potentials of Allium consanguineum Kunth
MH Mahnashi, YS Alqahtani, AO Alqarni, BA Alyami, OS Alqahtani, ...
BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies 22 (1), 154, 2022
Acceptability of the COVID-19 vaccine among adults in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study of the general population in the southern region of Saudi Arabia
YS Alqahtani
Vaccines 10 (1), 41, 2021
Selective detection of rutin at novel pyridinic-nitrogen-rich carbon dots derived from chicken feet biowaste: The role of bovine serum albumin during the assay
SA Alkahtani, AM Mahmoud, YS Alqahtani, AMBH Ali, MM El-Wekil
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 303, 123252, 2023
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