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Florin Zaharie
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Open or laparoscopic treatment for hydatid disease of the liver? A 10-year single-institution experience
F Zaharie, D Bartos, L Mocan, R Zaharie, C Iancu, C Tomus
Surgical endoscopy 27, 2110-2116, 2013
Host-related predictive factors for anastomotic leakage following large bowel resections for colorectal cancer
C Iancu, LC Mocan, D Todea-Iancu, T Mocan, I Acalovschi, D Ionescu, ...
J Gastrointestin Liver Dis 17 (3), 299-303, 2008
Enhanced laser thermal ablation for the in vitro treatment of liver cancer by specific delivery of multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with human serum albumin
C Iancu, L Mocan, C Bele, AI Orza, FA Tabaran, C Catoi, R Stiufiuc, A Stir, ...
International Journal of Nanomedicine, 129-141, 2011
Photothermal treatment of human pancreatic cancer using PEGylated multi-walled carbon nanotubes induces apoptosis by triggering mitochondrial membrane depolarization mechanism
T Mocan, CT Matea, I Cojocaru, I Ilie, FA Tabaran, F Zaharie, C Iancu, ...
Journal of Cancer 5 (8), 679, 2014
Exosome-carried microRNA-375 inhibits cell progression and dissemination via Bcl-2 blocking in colon cancer
F Zaharie, MS Muresan, B Petrushev, C Berce, GA Gafencu, S Selicean, ...
J Gastrointestin Liver Dis 24 (4), 435-443, 2015
Diagnostic delay in Romanian patients with inflammatory bowel disease: risk factors and impact on the disease course and need for surgery
R Zaharie, A Tantau, F Zaharie, M Tantau, L Gheorghe, C Gheorghe, ...
Journal of Crohn's and Colitis 10 (3), 306-314, 2016
Pseudogene INTS6P1 regulates its cognate gene INTS6 through competitive binding of miR-17-5p in hepatocellular carcinoma
H Peng, M Ishida, L Li, A Saito, A Kamiya, JP Hamilton, R Fu, AV Olaru, ...
Oncotarget 6 (8), 5666, 2015
How to diagnose and treat a cancer of unknown primary site.
C Tomuleasa, F Zaharie, MS Muresan, L Pop, Z Fekete, D Dima, I Frinc, ...
Journal of Gastrointestinal & Liver Diseases 26 (1), 2017
Selective ex-vivo photothermal ablation of human pancreatic cancer with albumin functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes
L Mocan, FA Tabaran, T Mocan, C Bele, AI Orza, C Lucan, R Stiufiuc, ...
International journal of nanomedicine, 915-928, 2011
Risk factors for anastomotic leakage following colorectal resection for cancer
F Zaharie, L Mocan, C Tomuș, T Mocan, R Zaharie, D Bartoș, A Bartoș, ...
Chirurgia (Bucharest, Romania: 1990) 107 (1), 27-32, 2012
Management of bile duct injuries following laparoscopic cholecystectomy: long-term outcome and risk factors infuencing biliary reconstruction
NA Hajjar, C Tomus, L Mocan, T Mocan, F Graur, C Iancu, F Zaharie
Chirurgia (Bucur) 109 (4), 493-499, 2014
Percutaneous treatment of symptomatic non-parasitic hepatic cysts. Initial experience with single-session sclerotherapy with polidocanol.
Z Spârchez, P Radu, F Zaharie, N Al Hajjar, M Spârchez
Medical Ultrasonography 16 (3), 222-228, 2014
Extramedullary hematopoiesis of the liver and spleen
D Cenariu, S Iluta, AA Zimta, B Petrushev, L Qian, N Dirzu, C Tomuleasa, ...
Journal of clinical medicine 10 (24), 5831, 2021
Long term outcome following surgical treatment for distal gastric cancer
L Mocan, C Tomus, D Bartos, F Zaharie, I Ioana, A Bartos, C Puia, ...
J Gastrointestin Liver Dis 22 (1), 53-58, 2013
Surface plasmon resonance-induced photoactivation of gold nanoparticles as mitochondria-targeted therapeutic agents for pancreatic cancer
L Mocan, I Ilie, FA Tabaran, B Dana, F Zaharie, C Zdrehus, C Puia, ...
Expert opinion on therapeutic targets 17 (12), 1383-1393, 2013
Applications of nanomaterials in cell stem therapies and the onset of nanomedicine
C Iancu, IR Ilie, CE Georgescu, R Ilie, AR Biris, T Mocan, LC Mocan, ...
Particulate Science and Technology 27 (6), 562-574, 2009
Quality of life outcomes in patients living with stoma
G Ciorogar, F Zaharie, A Ciorogar, D Birta, A Degan, I Balint, E Mois, ...
Human and Veterinary Medicine 8 (3), 137-140, 2016
Multi-organ resections for colorectal cancer: analysis of potential factors with role in the occurrence of postoperative complications and deaths.
A Bartoș, D Bartoș, F Dunca, L Mocanu, F Zaharie, M Iancu, A Mironiuc, ...
Chirurgia (Bucharest, Romania: 1990) 107 (4), 476-482, 2012
Laparoscopic rectal resection versus conventional open approach for rectal cancer-a 4-year experience of a single center
F Zaharie, G Ciorogar, R Zaharie, T Mocan, C Zdrehus, L Mocan, ...
J BUON 20 (6), 1447-55, 2015
Minimal invasive treatment of abdominal multiorgan echinococcosis
C Tomuș, F Zaharie, L Mocan, D Bartoș, R Zaharie, C Iancu, AH Nadim
International Surgery 98 (1), 61-64, 2013
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