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Castor plant for biodiesel, biogas, and ethanol production with a biorefinery processing perspective
H Bateni, K Karimi, A Zamani, F Benakashani
Applied Energy 136, 14-22, 2014
A comprehensive review on biodiesel purification and upgrading
H Bateni, A Saraeian, C Able
Biofuel Research Journal 4 (3), 668-690, 2017
Biodiesel production from castor plant integrating ethanol production via a biorefinery approach
H Bateni, K Karimi
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 107, 4-12, 2016
Development of heterogeneous catalysts for dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether: A review
H Bateni, C Able
Catalysis in Industry 11 (1), 7-33, 2019
Biorefining of Eruca sativa plant for efficient biofuel production
H Bateni, K Karimi
RSC Advances 6, 34492-34500, 2016
Modeling of oxidative coupling of methane over Mn/Na2WO4/SiO2 catalyst using artificial neural network
MR Ehsani, H Bateni, G Razi Parchikolaei
Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE) 32 (3), 107-114, 2013
Modeling the oxidative coupling of methane using artificial neural network and optimizing of its operational conditions using genetic algorithm
MR Ehsani, H Bateni, GR Parchikolaei
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 29 (7), 855-861, 2012
Biorefinery of safflower seeds in a sequential process for effective use of the substrate for biofuel production
H Bateni, F Bateni, C Able, MS Noori
Waste and biomass valorization 9 (11), 2145-2155, 2018
Biodiesel purification and upgrading technologies
H Bateni, A Saraeian, C Able, K Karimi
Biodiesel, 57-100, 2019
Effects of oil extraction on ethanol and biogas production from Eruca sativa seed cake
H Bateni, F Bateni, K Karimi
Waste and Biomass Valorization 8 (6), 1897-1905, 2017
Electrochemical hydrogenation of bioprivileged cis, cis-muconic acid to trans-3-hexenedioic acid: from lab synthesis to bench-scale production and beyond
MN Dell'Anna, M Laureano, H Bateni, JE Matthiesen, L Zaza, ...
Green Chemistry, 2021
Bottom-Up Synthesis Strategies Enabling the Investigation of Metal Catalyst-Carbon Support Interactions
H Bateni, PT Prabhu, HE Gebur, JP Tessonnier
C 8 (3), 37, 2022
Hydrogenation/Hydrodeoxygenation Selectivity Modulation by Cometal Addition to Palladium on Carbon-Coated Supports
A Saraeian, G Gupta, R Johnson, RW Dorn, AM Kauffmann, H Bateni, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2022
Tailoring metal-carbon support interactions for the selective hydrogenation of multifunctional chemicals
H Bateni
Creating Synergies Between Microbial and Electrochemical Conversions for the Production of Performance-Advantaged Monomers from Biomass
MN Dell'Anna, M Laureano, H Bateni, JE Matthiesen, L Zaza, ...
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 843, 2021
Tailoring the Selectivity of Carbon-Supported Hydrogenation Catalysts through Bandgap Engineering
H Bateni, MN Dell’Anna, JP Tessonnier
2019 North American Catalysis Society Meeting, 2019
Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of Biologically-Produced Intermediates for the Production of Bio-Advantaged Monomers
MN Dell’Anna, M Laureano, H Bateni, JP Tessonnier
2019 North American Catalysis Society Meeting, 2019
Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia Using Molybdenum-Based Catalyst
H Bateni, GG Botte
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 2214, 2015
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