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A computationally efficient ground-motion selection algorithm for matching a target response spectrum mean and variance
N Jayaram, T Lin, JW Baker
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New ground motion selection procedures and selected motions for the PEER transportation research program
JW Baker, T Lin, SK Shahi, N Jayaram
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T Lin, CB Haselton, JW Baker
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Selecting and scaling earthquake ground motions for performing response-history analyses. NIST GCR 11-917-15 / ATC 82
NCJ Venture
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T Lin, SC Harmsen, JW Baker, N Luco
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Framework for incorporating probabilistic building performance in the assessment of community seismic resilience
HV Burton, G Deierlein, D Lallemant, T Lin
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Conditional-Spectrum-based ground motion selection. Part II: Intensity-based assessments and evaluation of alternative target spectra
T Lin, CB Haselton, JW Baker
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Introducing Adaptive Incremental Dynamic Analysis: A new tool for linking ground motion selection and structural response assessment
T Lin, JW Baker
11th International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability, 805-811, 2013
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R Chandramohan, T Lin, JW Baker, GG Deierlein
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Probabilistic seismic hazard deaggregation of ground motion prediction models
5th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering 10, 13, 2011
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N Bijelić, T Lin, GG Deierlein
Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 47 (11), 2233-2251, 2018
Advancement of hazard-consistent ground motion selection methodology
T Lin
Stanford University, 2012
Evaluation of Building Collapse Risk and Drift Demands by Nonlinear Structural Analyses Using Conventional Hazard Analysis versus Direct Simulation with CyberShake …
N Bijelić, T Lin, GG Deierlein
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 2019
Quantification of the influence of deep basin effects on structural collapse using SCEC CyberShake earthquake ground motion simulations
N Bijelić, T Lin, GG Deierlein
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Conditional Spectra
T Lin, J Baker
Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering, 461-472, 2015
Petrinja, Croatia December 29, 2020, Mw 6.4 Earthquake Joint Reconnaissance Report (JRR)
E Miranda, S Brzev, N Bijelic, ® Arbanas, M Bartolac, V Jagodnik, ...
Joint Reconnaissance Report, 2021
Seismic response of a tall building to recorded and simulated ground motions
N Bijelić, T Lin, G Deierlein
10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 11, 2014
Efficient intensity measures and machine learning algorithms for collapse prediction of tall buildings informed by SCEC CyberShake ground motion simulations
N Bijelić, T Lin, GG Deierlein
Earthquake Spectra 36 (3), 1188-1207, 2020
Illustrative analysis of probabilistic sea level rise hazard
MA Thomas, T Lin
Journal of Climate 33 (4), 1523-1534, 2020
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