Romain Blaizot
Romain Blaizot
University of French Guiana, Andrée Rosemon Hospital
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Infectious events and associated risk factors in mycosis fungoides/Sézary syndrome: a retrospective cohort study
R Blaizot, E Ouattara, A Fauconneau, M Beylot‐Barry, A Pham‐Ledard
British journal of dermatology 179 (6), 1322-1328, 2018
American cutaneous leishmaniasis in French Guiana: an epidemiological update and study of environmental risk factors
R Loiseau, C Nabet, S Simon, M Ginouves, P Brousse, D Blanchet, ...
International journal of dermatology 58 (11), 1323-1328, 2019
Outbreak of Amazonian toxoplasmosis: a One Health investigation in a remote Amerindian community
R Blaizot, C Nabet, L Laghoe, B Faivre, S Escotte-Binet, F Djossou, ...
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 10, 401, 2020
The broad clinical spectrum of disseminated histoplasmosis in HIV-infected patients: A 30 years’ experience in French Guiana
P Couppié, K Herceg, M Bourne-Watrin, V Thomas, D Blanchet, ...
Journal of Fungi 5 (4), 115, 2019
Furuncular myiasis for the Western dermatologist: treatment in outpatient consultation
R Blaizot, C Vanhecke, P Le Gall, A Duvignaud, MC Receveur, D Malvy
International Journal of Dermatology 57 (2), 227-230, 2018
Pediatric Amazonian toxoplasmosis caused by atypical strains in French Guiana, 2002–2017
R Blaizot, C Nabet, D Blanchet, E Martin, A Mercier, ML Dardé, N Elenga, ...
The Pediatric infectious disease journal 38 (3), e39-e42, 2019
Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis during HIV infection in Cayenne Hospital 2012–2015: First think histoplasmosis
D Nguyen, M Nacher, L Epelboin, A Melzani, M Demar, D Blanchet, ...
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 10, 574584, 2020
Leishmania naiffi and lainsoni in French Guiana: Clinical features and phylogenetic variability
O Ducharme, S Simon, M Ginouves, G Prévot, P Couppie, M Demar, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 14 (8), e0008380, 2020
Teledermatology use in remote areas of French Guiana: experience from a long-running system
AL Messagier, R Blaizot, P Couppié, S Delaigue
Frontiers in public health 7, 467589, 2019
American cutaneous leishmaniasis in French Guiana: a retrospective comparison between liposomal amphotericin B and meglumine antimoniate
A Senchyna, S Simon, H Cissé, M Ginouves, G Prevot, G Alcoba, ...
British Journal of Dermatology 183 (2), 389-391, 2020
Validation of swab sampling and SYBR green-based real-time PCR for the diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis in French Guiana
R Blaizot, S Simon, M Ginouvès, G Prévôt, D Blanchet, C Ravel, ...
Journal of clinical microbiology 59 (2), 10.1128/jcm. 02218-20, 2021
Cutaneous larva migrans: a case in Bordeaux, France and a systematic review of locally acquired cases in Europe
R Blaizot, A Goiset, E Caumes, F Gabriel, B Milpied
European Journal of Dermatology 27 (4), 426-429, 2017
Cytological and histopathological spectrum of histoplasmosis: 15 years of experience in French Guiana
K Drak Alsibai, P Couppié, D Blanchet, A Adenis, L Epelboin, R Blaizot, ...
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 10, 591974, 2020
Spectrum of skin diseases in Amerindian villages of the Upper Oyapock, French Guiana
T Malmontet, B Guarmit, M Gaillet, C Michaud, N Garceran, R Chanlin, ...
International Journal of Dermatology 59 (5), 599-605, 2020
Zoonoses and gold mining: A cross-sectional study to assess yellow fever immunization, Q fever, leptospirosis and leishmaniasis among the population working on illegal mining …
M Douine, T Bonifay, Y Lambert, L Mutricy, MS Galindo, A Godin, ...
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 16 (8), e0010326, 2022
Disseminated histoplasmosis in HIV-infected patients: a description of 34 years of clinical and therapeutic practice
M Nacher, A Valdes, A Adenis, R Blaizot, P Abboud, M Demar, F Djossou, ...
Journal of Fungi 6 (3), 164, 2020
Leprosy in French Guiana 2007–2014: a re‐emerging public health problem
J Graille, R Blaizot, AS Darrigade, D Sainte‐Marie, M Nacher, R Schaub, ...
British Journal of Dermatology 182 (1), 237-239, 2020
Outbreak of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis among military personnel in French Guiana, 2020: Clinical, phylogenetic, individual and environmental aspects
K Henry, A Mayet, M Hernandez, G Frechard, PA Blanc, M Schmitt, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 15 (11), e0009938, 2021
Temporal trends of cutaneo-mucous histoplasmosis in persons living with HIV in French Guiana: early diagnosis defuses South American strain dermotropism
S Morote, M Nacher, R Blaizot, B Ntab, D Blanchet, K Drak Alsibai, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 14 (10), e0008663, 2020
Utility of PCR in Patients with Strongyloides stercoralis and HTLV-1 Coinfection in French Guiana
R Blaizot, S Simon, J Brottier, D Blanchet, P Brousse, R Boukhari, ...
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 101 (4), 848, 2019
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