Dirk Briskorn
Dirk Briskorn
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An updated survey of variants and extensions of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem
S Hartmann, D Briskorn
European Journal of operational research 297 (1), 1-14, 2022
Parts-to-picker based order processing in a rack-moving mobile robots environment
N Boysen, D Briskorn, S Emde
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N Boysen, D Briskorn, S Fedtke, S Schwerdfeger
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D Briskorn, A Drexl, S Hartmann
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N Boysen, D Briskorn, F Meisel
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A dynamic programming approach for the aircraft landing problem with aircraft classes
A Lieder, D Briskorn, R Stolletz
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The identical-path truck platooning problem
N Boysen, D Briskorn, S Schwerdfeger
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F Weidinger, N Boysen, D Briskorn
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N Boysen, D Briskorn, M Tschöke
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Aircraft landing problems with aircraft classes
D Briskorn, R Stolletz
Journal of Scheduling 17, 31-45, 2014
Matching supply and demand in a sharing economy: Classification, computational complexity, and application
N Boysen, D Briskorn, S Schwerdfeger
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Automated sortation conveyors: A survey from an operational research perspective
N Boysen, D Briskorn, S Fedtke, M Schmickerath
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Complexity of single machine scheduling subject to nonnegative inventory constraints
D Briskorn, BC Choi, K Lee, J Leung, M Pinedo
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Sequencing of picking orders in mobile rack warehouses
N Boysen, D Briskorn, S Emde
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Cooperative twin-crane scheduling
D Briskorn, S Emde, N Boysen
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Container dispatching and conflict-free yard crane routing in an automated container terminal
J Nossack, D Briskorn, E Pesch
Transportation Science 52 (5), 1059-1076, 2018
The lockmaster’s problem
W Passchyn, S Coene, D Briskorn, JL Hurink, FCR Spieksma, GV Berghe
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Scheduling co-operating stacking cranes with predetermined container sequences
D Briskorn, P Angeloudis
Discrete Applied Mathematics 201, 70-85, 2016
Exact algorithms for inventory constrained scheduling on a single machine
D Briskorn, F Jaehn, E Pesch
Journal of scheduling 16, 105-115, 2013
Feasibility of home–away-pattern sets for round robin tournaments
D Briskorn
Operations Research Letters 36 (3), 283-284, 2008
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