Rolf H. Möhring
Rolf H. Möhring
Professor für Mathematik, Technische Universität Berlin
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Citat de
Citat de
Resource-constrained project scheduling: Notation, classification, models, and methods
P Brucker, A Drexl, RH Möhring, K Neumann, E Pesch
European Journal on Operational Research 12 (1), 3-41, 1999
Scheduling project networks with resource constraints and time windows.
M Bartusch, RH Möhring, FJ Radermacher
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GOR Publications
R Kolisch, RE Burkard, B Fleischmann, K Inderfurth, RH Möhring
The concept of recoverable robustness, linear programming recovery, and railway applications
C Liebchen, M Lübbecke, R Möhring, S Stiller
Robust and online large-scale optimization: Models and techniques for …, 2009
Substitution decomposition for discrete structures and connections with combinatorial optimization
RH Möhring, FJ Radermacher
Annals of Discrete Mathematics 19, 257-356, 1984
Algorithmic aspects of comparability graphs and interval graphs
RH Möhring
Graphs and order: the role of graphs in the theory of ordered sets and its …, 1985
System-optimal routing of traffic flows with user constraints in networks with congestion
O Jahn, RH Möhring, AS Schulz, NE Stier-Moses
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Solving project scheduling problems by minimum cut computations
RH Möhring, AS Schulz, F Stork, M Uetz
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Minimizing costs of resource requirements in project networks subject to a fixed completion time
RH Möhring
Operations Research 32 (1), 89-120, 1984
Computationally tractable classes of ordered sets
RH Möhring
Algorithms and order 255, 105-194, 1989
An incremental linear-time algorithm for recognizing interval graphs
N Korte, RH Möhring
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Fast point-to-point shortest path computations with arc-flags
M Hilger, E Köhler, RH Möhring, H Schilling
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The pathwidth and treewidth of cographs
HL Bodlaender, RH Möhring
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The modeling power of the periodic event scheduling problem: railway timetables—and beyond
C Liebchen, RH Möhring
Algorithmic Methods for Railway Optimization: International Dagstuhl …, 2007
Approximation in stochastic scheduling: the power of LP-based priority policies
RH Möhring, AS Schulz, M Uetz
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 46 (6), 924-942, 1999
Partitioning graphs to speedup Dijkstra's algorithm
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Stochastic scheduling problems I—General strategies
RH Möhring, FJ Radermacher, G Weiss
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Graph problems related to gate matrix layout and PLA folding
RH Möhring
Computational graph theory, 17-51, 1990
Algorithmic aspects of the substitution decomposition in optimization over relations, set systems and boolean functions
RH Möhring
Annals of Operations Research 4, 195-225, 1985
Scheduling with AND/OR precedence constraints
RH Möhring, M Skutella, F Stork
SIAM Journal on Computing 33 (2), 393-415, 2004
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