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Nick Scroxton
Maynooth University
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The SISAL database: A global resource to document oxygen and carbon isotope records from speleothems
K Atsawawaranunt, L Comas-Bru, S Amirnezhad Mozhdehi, M Deininger, ...
Earth System Science Data 10 (3), 1687-1713, 2018
SISALv2: a comprehensive speleothem isotope database with multiple age–depth models
L Comas-Bru, K Rehfeld, C Roesch, S Amirnezhad-Mozhdehi, ...
Earth System Science Data 12 (4), 2579-2606, 2020
A new interpretation of Madagascar's megafaunal decline: The “Subsistence Shift Hypothesis”
LR Godfrey, N Scroxton, BE Crowley, SJ Burns, MR Sutherland, VR Pérez, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 130, 126-140, 2019
Persistent El Niño–Southern Oscillation variation during the Pliocene Epoch
N Scroxton, SG Bonham, REM Rickaby, SHF Lawrence, M Hermoso, ...
Paleoceanography 26 (2), 2011
Hemispherically in-phase precipitation variability over the last 1700 years in a Madagascar speleothem record
N Scroxton, SJ Burns, D McGee, B Hardt, LR Godfrey, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 164, 25-36, 2017
Evaluating model outputs using integrated global speleothem records of climate change since the last glacial
L Comas-Bru, SP Harrison, M Werner, K Rehfeld, N Scroxton, ...
Climate of the Past 15, 1557-1579, 2019
PaCTS 1.0: A Crowdsourced Reporting Standard for Paleoclimate Data
D Khider, J Emile‐Geay, NP Mckay, Y Gil, D Garijo, V Ratnakar, ...
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 2019
Natural attrition and growth frequency variations of stalagmites in southwest Sulawesi over the past 530,000 years
N Scroxton, MK Gagan, GB Dunbar, LK Ayliffe, WS Hantoro, CC Shen, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 441, 823-833, 2016
Millennial and orbital scale variability of the South American Monsoon during the penultimate glacial period
SJ Burns, LK Welsh, N Scroxton, H Cheng, RL Edwards
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-5, 2019
A window into Africa’s past hydroclimates: the SISAL_V1 database contribution
K Braun, C Nehme, R Pickering, M Rogerson, N Scroxton
Quaternary 2 (1), 4, 2019
Comparing the paleoclimates of northwestern and southwestern Madagascar during the late Holocene: Implications for the role of climate in megafaunal extinction
P Faina, SJ Burns, LR Godfrey, BE Crowley, N Scroxton, D McGee, ...
Malagasy nature 15, 2021
Rapid measurement of strontium in speleothems using core-scanning micro X-ray fluorescence
N Scroxton, S Burns, P Dawson, JM Rhodes, K Brent, D McGee, H Heijnis, ...
Chemical Geology 487, 12-22, 2018
Competing temperature and atmospheric circulation effects on southwest Madagascan rainfall during the last deglaciation
N Scroxton, SJ Burns, D McGee, B Hardt, LR Godfrey, ...
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 34 (2), 275-286, 2019
Southern Hemisphere controls on ITCZ variability in southwest Madagascar over the past 117,000 years
SJ Burns, D McGee, N Scroxton, CW Kinsley, LR Godfrey, P Faina, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 276, 107317, 2022
Historical droughts in Southeast Australia recorded in a New South Wales stalagmite
N Scroxton, M Walczak, M Markowska, J Zhao, S Fallon
The Holocene 31 (4), 607-617, 2021
Teasing apart impacts of human activity and regional drought on Madagascar’s large vertebrate fauna: insights from new excavations at Tsimanampesotse and Antsirafaly
LR Godfrey, BE Crowley, KM Muldoon, SJ Burns, N Scroxton, ZS Klukkert, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9, 742203, 2021
Antiphase response of the Indonesian–Australian monsoon to millennial-scale events of the last glacial period
N Scroxton, MK Gagan, LK Ayliffe, WS Hantoro, JC Hellstrom, H Cheng, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 20214, 2022
Hydroclimate variability in the Madagascar and Southeast African summer monsoons at the Mid-to Late-Holocene transition
N Scroxton, SJ Burns, D McGee, LR Godfrey, L Ranivoharimanana, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 300, 107874, 2023
Tropical Indian Ocean basin hydroclimate at the Mid-to Late-Holocene transition and the double drying hypothesis
N Scroxton, SJ Burns, D McGee, LR Godfrey, L Ranivoharimanana, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 300, 107837, 2023
Possible expression of the 4.2 kyr event in Madagascar and the south-east African monsoon
N Scroxton, SJ Burns, D McGee, LR Godfrey, L Ranivoharimanana, ...
Climate of the Past Discussions 2020, 1-25, 2020
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