Volker Mehrmann
Volker Mehrmann
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Citat de
Differential-algebraic equations: analysis and numerical solution
P Kunkel, V Mehrmann
European Mathematical Society, 2006
The autonomous linear quadratic control problem: theory and numerical solution
VL Mehrmann
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1991
Dimension reduction of large-scale systems
P Benner, V Mehrmann, DC Sorensen
Springer, 2005
Vector spaces of linearizations for matrix polynomials
DS Mackey, N Mackey, C Mehl, V Mehrmann
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications 28 (4), 971-1004, 2006
Nonlinear eigenvalue problems: A challenge for modern eigenvalue methods
V Mehrmann, H Voss
GAMM‐Mitteilungen 27 (2), 121-152, 2004
Structured polynomial eigenvalue problems: Good vibrations from good linearizations
DS Mackey, N Mackey, C Mehl, V Mehrmann
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications 28 (4), 1029-1051, 2006
NLEVP: A collection of nonlinear eigenvalue problems
T Betcke, NJ Higham, V Mehrmann, C Schröder, F Tisseur
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS) 39 (2), 1-28, 2013
SLICOT—A subroutine library in systems and control theory
P Benner, V Mehrmann, V Sima, S Van Huffel, A Varga
Applied and Computational Control, Signals, and Circuits: Volume 1, 499-539, 1999
Balanced truncation model reduction for large-scale systems in descriptor form
V Mehrmann, T Stykel
Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop held …, 2005
Numerical methods for simultaneous diagonalization
A Bunse-Gerstner, R Byers, V Mehrmann
SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications 14 (4), 927-949, 1993
Numerical computation of an analytic singular value decomposition of a matrix valued function
A Bunse-Gerstner, R Byers, V Mehrmann, NK Nichols
Numerische Mathematik 60, 1-39, 1991
Structure-preserving methods for computing eigenpairs of large sparse skew-Hamiltonian/Hamiltonian pencils
V Mehrmann, D Watkins
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 22 (6), 1905-1925, 2001
The shifted proper orthogonal decomposition: A mode decomposition for multiple transport phenomena
J Reiss, P Schulze, J Sesterhenn, V Mehrmann
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40 (3), A1322-A1344, 2018
A symplectic QR like algorithm for the solution of the real algebraic Riccati equation
A Bunse-Gerstner, V Mehrmann
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 31 (12), 1104-1113, 1986
A numerically stable, structure preserving method for computing the eigenvalues of real Hamiltonian or symplectic pencils
P Benner, V Mehrmann, H Xu
Numerische Mathematik 78 (3), 329-358, 1998
Perturbation theory for matrix equations
M Konstantinov, DW Gu, V Mehrmann, P Petkov
Gulf Professional Publishing, 2003
Canonical forms for linear differential-algebraic equations with variable coefficients
P Kunkel, V Mehrmann
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 56 (3), 225-251, 1994
Canonical forms for Hamiltonian and symplectic matrices and pencils
WW Lin, V Mehrmann, H Xu
Linear Algebra and its Applications 302, 469-533, 1999
Regularization of descriptor systems by derivative and proportional state feedback
A Bunse-Gerstner, V Mehrmann, NK Nichols
SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications 13 (1), 46-67, 1992
Linear algebra
J Liesen, V Mehrmann
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