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Robert M. Shelby
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Neuromorphic computing using non-volatile memory
GW Burr, RM Shelby, A Sebastian, S Kim, S Kim, S Sidler, K Virwani, ...
Advances in Physics: X 2 (1), 89-124, 2017
Phase-change random access memory: A scalable technology
S Raoux, GW Burr, MJ Breitwisch, CT Rettner, YC Chen, RM Shelby, ...
IBM Journal of Research and Development 52 (4.5), 465-479, 2008
Solvents’ critical role in nonaqueous lithium–oxygen battery electrochemistry
BD McCloskey, DS Bethune, RM Shelby, G Girishkumar, AC Luntz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2 (10), 1161-1166, 2011
Experimental demonstration and tolerancing of a large-scale neural network (165 000 synapses) using phase-change memory as the synaptic weight element
GW Burr, RM Shelby, S Sidler, C Di Nolfo, J Jang, I Boybat, RS Shenoy, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (11), 3498-3507, 2015
Equivalent-accuracy accelerated neural-network training using analogue memory
S Ambrogio, P Narayanan, H Tsai, RM Shelby, I Boybat, C Di Nolfo, ...
Nature 558 (7708), 60-67, 2018
Broad-band parametric deamplification of quantum noise in an optical fiber
RM Shelby, MD Levenson, SH Perlmutter, RG DeVoe, DF Walls
Physical review letters 57 (6), 691, 1986
On the Efficacy of Electrocatalysis in Nonaqueous Li–O2 Batteries
BD McCloskey, R Scheffler, A Speidel, DS Bethune, RM Shelby, AC Luntz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (45), 18038-18041, 2011
Guided acoustic-wave Brillouin scattering
RM Shelby, MD Levenson, PW Bayer
Physical Review B 31 (8), 5244, 1985
Highly Spin-Polarized Room-Temperature Tunnel Injector<? format?> for Semiconductor Spintronics using MgO (100)
X Jiang, R Wang, RM Shelby, RM Macfarlane, SR Bank, JS Harris, ...
Physical Review Letters 94 (5), 056601, 2005
Limitations in Rechargeability of Li-O2 Batteries and Possible Origins
BD McCloskey, DS Bethune, RM Shelby, T Mori, R Scheffler, A Speidel, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 3 (20), 3043-3047, 2012
Holographic data storage technology
J Ashley, MP Bernal, GW Burr, H Coufal, H Guenther, JA Hoffnagle, ...
IBM journal of research and development 44 (3), 341-368, 2000
Squeezed optical solitons
M Rosenbluh, RM Shelby
Physical review letters 66 (2), 153, 1991
Photon-gated hole burning: a new mechanism using two-step photoionization
A Winnacker, RM Shelby, RM Macfarlane
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Squeezing of quantum solitons
SJ Carter, PD Drummond, MD Reid, RM Shelby
Physical review letters 58 (18), 1841, 1987
Quantum nondemolition detection of optical quadrature amplitudes
MD Levenson, RM Shelby, M Reid, DF Walls
Physical review letters 57 (20), 2473, 1986
Quantum solitons in optical fibres
PD Drummond, RM Shelby, SR Friberg, Y Yamamoto
Nature 365 (6444), 307-313, 1993
The origin of vibrational dephasing of polyatomic molecules in condensed phases
RM Shelby, CB Harris, PA Cornelius
The Journal of Chemical Physics 70 (1), 34-41, 1979
Ultra-thin phase-change bridge memory device using GeSb
YC Chen, CT Rettner, S Raoux, GW Burr, SH Chen, RM Shelby, ...
2006 International Electron Devices Meeting, 1-4, 2006
Homogeneous line broadening of optical transitions of ions and molecules in glasses
RM Macfarlane, RM Shelby
Journal of luminescence 36 (4-5), 179-207, 1987
Effects of energy exchange on vibrational dephasing times in Raman scattering
CB Harris, RM Shelby, PA Cornelius
Physical Review Letters 38 (24), 1415, 1977
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