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Machine Learning Methods Reveal the Temporal Pattern of Dengue Incidence Using Meteorological Factors in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
TM Carvajal, KM Viacrusis, LFT Hernandez, HT Ho, DM Amalin, ...
BMC Infectious Diseases 18 (180), 1-15, 2018
Detection of Wolbachia in field-collected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in metropolitan Manila, Philippines
TM Carvajal, K Hashimoto, RK Harnandika, DM Amalin, K Watanabe
Parasites & Vectors 12, 361, 2019
Spatial analysis of wing geometry in dengue vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti (L.)(Diptera: Culicidae), populations in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
TM Carvajal, LFT Hernandez, HT Ho, MG Cuenca, BMC Orantia, ...
Journal of vector borne diseases 53 (2), 127-135, 2016
Dengue Disease Dynamics are Modulated by Combinatory Influences of Precipitation and Landscapes using a Machine Learning-based Approach
ME Francisco, T Carvajal, M Ryo, K Nukazawa, D Amalin, K Watanabe
Science of the Total Environment 792, 148406, 2021
Surveillance of dengue virus in individual Aedes aegypti mosquitoes collected concurrently with suspected human cases in Tarlac City, Philippines
JC Balingit, TM Carvajal, M Saito-Obata, M Gamboa, AD Nicolsora, AK Sy, ...
Parasites & Vectors 13, 594, 2020
Using Google Trends to Examine the Spatio-Temporal Incidence and Behavioral Patterns of Dengue Disease: A Case Study in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
HT Ho, TM Carvajal, JR Bautista, JDR Capistrano, KM Viacrusis, ...
Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease 3 (118), 2018
Fine-scale population genetic structure of dengue mosquito vector, Aedes aegypti, in metropolitan manila, Philippines
TM Carvajal, K Ogishi, S Yaegeshi, LFT Hernandez, KM Viacrusis, HT Ho, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 14 (5), e0008279, 2020
Intracellular Interactions between Arboviruses and Wolbachia in Aedes aegypti
JIL Reyes, S Yasutsugu, T Carvajal, MNM Munoz, K Watanabe
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 11, 690087, 2021
The Influence of Roads on the Fine-Scale Population Genetic Structure of the Dengue Vector Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus)
MAF Regilme, TM Carvajal, AC Honnen, DM Amalin, K Watanabe
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 15 (2), e0009139, 2021
Temporal Correlation between Urban Microclimate, Vector Mosquito Abundance, and Dengue Cases
L Faridah, N Fauziah, D Agustian, IGNM Jaya, RE Putra, S Ekawardhani, ...
Journal of Medical Entomology, 10.1093/jme/tjac005, 2022
Early detection of dengue fever outbreaks using a surveillance app (Mozzify): cross-sectional mixed methods usability study
T Karita, TM Carvajal, HT Ho, JMO Lorena, RA Regalado, GD Sobrepeña, ...
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance 7 (3), e19034, 2021
Branching networks can have opposing influences on genetic variation in riverine metapopulations
MC Chiu, B Li, K Nukazawa, VH Resh, T Carvajal, K Watanabe
Diversity and Distributions 26 (12), 1813-1824, 2020
Detection and distribution of Wolbachia endobacteria in Culex quinquefasciatus populations (Diptera : Culicidae) from Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
TM Carvajal, JD Capistrano, K Hashimoto, KJ Go, MAI Cruz, M Monique, ...
Journal of Vector Borne Diseases 55 (4), 265–270, 2018
Multivariate analyses of the biometric features from Philippine sardines–implications for the phylogenetic relationships of the freshwater Sardinella tawilis (Teleostei …
IE Samonte, RA Canlas, K Alvia, T Carvajal, RC Pagulayan
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 47 (1), 21-24, 2009
A Bioclimate-Based Maximum Entropy Model for Comperiella calauanica Barrion, Almarinez and Amalin (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in the Philippines
BJM Almarinez, MJA Fadri, R Lasina, MAA Tavera, TM Carvajal, ...
Insects 12 (1), 26, 2021
Wing geometry and genetic analyses reveal contrasting spatial structures between male and female Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) populations in metropolitan Manila …
TM Carvajal, DM Amalin, K Watanabe
Infection, Genetics & Evolution 87, 104676, 2021
Unraveling the Genetic Structure of the Coconut Scale Insect Pest (Aspidiotus rigidus Reyne) Outbreak Populations in the Philippines
JM Serrana, N Ishitani, TM Carvajal, BJM Almarinez, AT Barrion, ...
Insects 10 (11), 374, 2019
An updated checklist of the mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) present in Algeria, with assessments of doubtful records and problematic species
B Merati, M Boumaza, M Ouakid, TM Carvajal, RE Harbach
Zootaxa 5027 (4), 515–545, 2021
An Ecological Context Toward Understanding Dengue Disease Dynamics in Urban Cities: A Case Study in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines
TM Carvajal, HT Ho, LFT Hernandez, KM Viacrusis, DM Amalin, ...
Health in Ecological Perspectives in the Anthropocene, 117-131, 2018
Simulation modeling reveals the evolutionary role of landscape shape and species dispersal on genetic variation within a metapopulation
MC Chiu, K Nukazawa, T Carvajal, VH Resh, B Li, K Watanabe
Ecography 43 (12), 1891-1901, 2020
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