Andreas Muschinski
Andreas Muschinski
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First in situ evidence for coexisting submeter temperature and humidity sheets in the lower free troposphere
A Muschinski, C Wode
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 55 (18), 2893-2906, 1998
METCRAX 2006: Meteorological experiments in arizona's meteor crater
CD Whiteman, A Muschinski, S Zhong, D Fritts, SW Hoch, ...
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A similarity theory of locally homogeneous and isotropic turbulence generated by a Smagorinsky-type LES
A Muschinski
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BB Balsley, RG Frehlich, ML Jensen, Y Meillier, A Muschinski
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Small-scale and large-scale intermittency in the nocturnal boundary layer and the residual layer
A Muschinski, RG Frehlich, BB Balsley
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 515, 319-351, 2004
First synthesis of wind‐profiler signals on the basis of large‐eddy simulation data
A Muschinski, PP Sullivan, DB Wuertz, RJ Hill, SA Cohn, DH Lenschow, ...
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Possible effect of Kelvin-Helmholtz instability on VHF radar observations of the mean vertical wind
A Muschinski
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Evaluation of three lidar scanning strategies for turbulence measurements
JF Newman, PM Klein, S Wharton, A Sathe, TA Bonin, PB Chilson, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9 (5), 1993-2013, 2016
Fine-scale measurements of turbulence in the lower troposphere: An intercomparison between a kite-and balloon-borne, and a helicopter-borne measurement system
A Muschinski, R Frehich, M Jensen, R Hugo, A Hoff, F Eaton, B Balsley
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PB Chilson, A Muschinski, G Schmidt
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An S-band frequency-modulated continuous-wave boundary layer profiler: Description and initial results
T İnce, SJ Frasier, A Muschinski, AL Pazmany
Radio Science 38 (4), 11-1-11-10, 2003
Closed-form approximations for the angle-of-arrival variance of plane and spherical waves propagating through homogeneous and isotropic turbulence
Y Cheon, A Muschinski
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Implementation and validation of range imaging on a UHF radar wind profiler
PB Chilson, TY Yu, RG Strauch, A Muschinski, RD Palmer
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Local and global statistics of clear-air Doppler radar signals
A Muschinski
Radio Science 39 (1), 1-23, 2004
Bias in mean vertical wind measured by VHF radars: Significance of radar location relative to mountains
RM Worthington, A Muschinski, BB Balsley
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First frequency-domain interferometry observations of large-scale vertical motion in the atmosphere
A Muschinski, PB Chilson, S Kern, J Nielinger, G Schmidt, T Prenosil
Journal of the atmospheric sciences 56 (9), 1248-1258, 1999
SOMARE‐99: Observations of tropospheric scattering layers using multiple‐frequency range imaging
RD Palmer, PB Chilson, A Muschinski, G Schmidt, TY Yu, H Steinhagen
Radio Science 36 (4), 681-693, 2001
Future directions for research on meter-and submeter-scale atmospheric turbulence
A Muschinski, DH Lenschow
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Advanced radar wind profiling
A Muschinski, V Lehmann, L Justen, G Teschke
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 14 (5), 609-626, 2005
Relevance of a tuning-fork effect for temperature measurements with the Gill Solent HS ultrasonic anemometer–thermometer
H Siebert, A Muschinski
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 18 (8), 1367-1376, 2001
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