Dmitry Lyskov
Dmitry Lyskov
Researcher, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
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" Flora of Russia" on iNaturalist: a dataset
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The revision of Prangos subsections Koelzella and Fedtschenkoana (Apiaceae) with some notes to phylogeny and biogeography of the genus: molecular and morphological evidences
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Validating the systematic placement of Eriosynaphe in the genus Ferula (Apiaceae: Scandiceae: Ferulinae) linked with the description of Ferula mikraskythiana sp. nov. from Romania
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Notes on the genus Hyalolaena (Apiaceae) with description of a new species H. zhang-minglii from Xinjiang, western China.
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The genus Elwendia Boiss.(Apiaceae) in the flora of Uzbekistan.
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One for all: molecular study of Polygala major complex (Polygalaceae) in Southwest Asia
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Moscow Digital Herbarium, an online open access contribution to the flora of Turkey, with a special reference to the type specimens
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An annotated checklist of the endemic Apiaceae of Kazakhstan.
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Polylophium as a part of Laserpitium (Umbelliferae): molecular and morphological evidence.
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Structure and development of flowers and inflorescences in Burmannia (Burmanniaceae, Dioscoreales)
SV Yudina, A Kocyan, BV Truong, NA Vislobokov, DF Lyskov, ...
Frontiers in plant science 13, 849276, 2022
The end of the long road: Iranian endemic Seseli elbursense (Apiaceae) has taken its place in the genus Semenovia
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Two new species of Elwendia (Apiaceae) from Uzbekistan.
E Kljuykov, U Ukrainskaja, D Lyskov
Phytotaxa 382 (2), 213-220, 2018
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