Ioana Demetrescu
Ioana Demetrescu
Prof. General Chemistry Department Polytehnica University Bucharest, Academy of Romanian Scientists
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Corrosion susceptibility of implant materials Ti–5Al–4V and Ti–6Al–4Fe in artificial extra-cellular fluids
MV Popa, I Demetrescu, E Vasilescu, P Drob, AS Lopez, J Mirza-Rosca, ...
Electrochimica Acta 49 (13), 2113-2121, 2004
Characterisation and corrosion resistance of the electrodeposited hydroxyapatite and bovine serum albumin/hydroxyapatite films on Ti–6Al–4V–1Zr alloy surface
C Vasilescu, P Drob, E Vasilescu, I Demetrescu, D Ionita, M Prodana, ...
Corrosion Science 53 (3), 992-999, 2011
Effect of nano-topographical features of Ti/TiO2 electrode surface on cell response and electrochemical stability in artificial saliva
I Demetrescu, C Pirvu, V Mitran
Bioelectrochemistry 79 (1), 122-129, 2010
Reduced inflammatory activity of RAW 264.7 macrophages on titania nanotube modified Ti surface
P Neacsu, A Mazare, A Cimpean, J Park, M Costache, P Schmuki, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 55, 187-195, 2014
Corrosion, antibacterial activity and haemocompatibility of TiO2 nanotubes as a function of their annealing temperature
A Mazare, G Totea, C Burnei, P Schmuki, I Demetrescu, D Ionita
Corrosion Science 103, 215-222, 2016
A new complex ceramic coating with carbon nanotubes, hydroxyapatite and TiO2 nanotubes on Ti surface for biomedical applications
M Prodana, M Duta, D Ionita, D Bojin, MS Stan, A Dinischiotu, ...
Ceramics International 41 (5), 6318-6325, 2015
Various sized nanotubes on TiZr for antibacterial surfaces
S Grigorescu, C Ungureanu, R Kirchgeorg, P Schmuki, I Demetrescu
Applied Surface Science 270, 190-196, 2013
Thermal air oxidation of Fe: rapid hematite nanowire growth and photoelectrochemical water splitting performance
S Grigorescu, CY Lee, K Lee, S Albu, I Paramasivam, I Demetrescu, ...
Electrochemistry communications 23, 59-62, 2012
Comparing performance of nanoarchitectures fabricated by Ti6Al7Nb anodizing in two kinds of electrolytes
M Mîndroiu, C Pirvu, R Ion, I Demetrescu
Electrochimica Acta 56 (1), 193-202, 2010
Enhancing antibacterial effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using silver nanoparticles
M Prodana, D Ionita, C Ungureanu, D Bojin, I Demetrescu
Microscopy 6 (2), 549-556, 2011
Monitoring of titanium base alloys–biofluids interface
MV Popa, I Demetrescu, SH Suh, E Vasilescu, P Drob, D Ionita, ...
Bioelectrochemistry 71 (2), 126-134, 2007
Long-term assessment of the implant titanium material—artificial saliva interface
MV Popa, E Vasilescu, P Drob, C Vasilescu, I Demetrescu, D Ionita
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 19 (1), 1-9, 2008
Understanding of electrochemical and structural changes of polypyrrole/polyethylene glycol composite films in aqueous solution
C Pirvu, CC Manole, AB Stoian, I Demetrescu
Electrochimica Acta 56 (27), 9893-9903, 2011
Flame annealing effects on self-organized TiO2 nanotubes
A Mazare, I Paramasivam, F Schmidt-Stein, K Lee, I Demetrescu, ...
Electrochimica acta 66, 12-21, 2012
The two step nanotube formation on TiZr as scaffolds for cell growth
S Grigorescu, V Pruna, I Titorencu, VV Jinga, A Mazare, P Schmuki, ...
Bioelectrochemistry 98, 39-45, 2014
Modifying the TiAlZr biomaterial surface with coating, for a better anticorrosive and antibacterial performance
D Ionita, M Grecu, C Ungureanu, I Demetrescu
Applied surface science 257 (21), 9164-9168, 2011
The relation between electrochemical tests and in vitro evaluation of titanium alloy biocompatibility
MV Popa, I Demetrescu, D Iordachescu, A Cimpean, E Vasilescu, P Drob, ...
Materials and Corrosion 58 (9), 687-695, 2007
The biocompatibility of titanium in a buffer solution: compared effects of a thin film of TiO2 deposited by MOCVD and of collagen deposited from a gel
S Popescu, I Demetrescu, C Sarantopoulos, AN Gleizes, D Iordachescu
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 18 (10), 2075-2083, 2007
Comparison between corrosion behaviour of implant alloys Ti6Al7Nb and Ti6Al4Zr in artificial saliva
M Dilea, A Mazare, D Ionita, I Demetrescu
Materials and Corrosion 64 (6), 493-499, 2013
Monitoring TiO2 nanotubes elaboration condition, a way for obtaining various characteristics of nanostructures
D Portan, D Ionita, I Demetrescu
Key Engineering Materials 415, 9-12, 2009
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