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Experimental and theoretical investigations of a laser-produced aluminum plasma
S Gurlui, M Agop, P Nica, M Ziskind, C Focsa
Physical Review E 78 (2), 026405, 2008
Experimental and theoretical aspects of aluminum expanding laser plasma
P Nica, P Vizureanu, M Agop, S Gurlui, C Focsa, N Forna, PD Ioannou, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 48 (6R), 066001, 2009
Al2O3 ceramics under high-fluence irradiation: plasma plume dynamics through space- and time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy
C Ursu, OG Pompilian, S Gurlui, P Nica, M Agop, M Dudeck, C Focsa
Applied Physics A 101 (1), 153-159, 2010
El Naschie’s ε (∞) space–time, hydrodynamic model of scale relativity theory and some applications
M Agop, P Nica, PD Ioannou, O Malandraki, I Gavanas-Pahomi
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 34 (5), 1704-1723, 2007
Experimental and theoretical investigations of the negative differential resistance in a discharge plasma
M Agop, P Nica, O Niculescu, DG Dimitriu
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 81 (6), 064502, 2012
On the vacuum status in Weyl–Dirac theory
M Agop, P Nica, M Gîrțu
General relativity and gravitation 40 (1), 35-55, 2008
Characterization of aluminum laser produced plasma by target current measurements
PE Nica, M Agop, S Gurlui, C Bejinariu, C Focsa
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 51 (10R), 106102, 2012
Implications of an extended fractal hydrodynamic model
M Agop, PE Nica, S Gurlui, C Focsa, VP Paun, M Colotin
The European Physical Journal D 56 (3), 405-419, 2010
Fractal transport phenomena through the scale relativity model
M Colotin, GO Pompilian, P Nica, S Gurlui, V Paun, M Agop
Acta Physica Polonica-Series A General Physics 116 (2), 157, 2009
Oscillatory Langmuir probe ion current in laser-produced plasma expansion
P Nica, M Agop, S Gurlui, C Focsa
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 89 (6), 65001, 2010
Fractal characteristics of the solidification process
M Agop, P Ioannou, P Nica, C Radu, A Alexandru, P Vizureanu
Materials Transactions 45 (3), 972-975, 2004
Fractal model of the atom and some properties of the matter through an extended model of scale relativity
M Agop, PE Nica, PD Ioannou, A Antici, VP Paun
The European Physical Journal D 49 (2), 239-248, 2008
Extreme ultraviolet source using a forced recombination process in lithium plasma generated by a pulsed laser
A Nagano, T Inoue, PE Nica, S Amano, S Miyamoto, T Mochizuki
Applied physics letters 90 (15), 151502, 2007
Plume splitting and oscillatory behavior in transient plasmas generated by high-fluence laser ablation in vacuum
C Focsa, S Gurlui, P Nica, M Agop, M Ziskind
Applied Surface Science 424, 299-309, 2017
Potential of discharge-based lithium plasma as an extreme ultraviolet source
M Masnavi, M Nakajima, A Sasaki, E Hotta, K Horioka
Applied physics letters 89 (3), 031503, 2006
Superconductivity by means of the subquantum medium coherence
M Agop, PD Ioannou, P Nica
Journal of mathematical physics 46 (6), 062110, 2005
Local gravitoelectromagnetic effects on a superconductor
M Agop, CG Buzea, P Nica
Physica C: Superconductivity 339 (2), 120-128, 2000
SURF III: A flexible synchrotron radiation source for radiometry and research
U Arp, C Clark, L Deng, N Faradzhev, A Farrell, M Furst, S Grantham, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2011
Langmuir probe investigation of transient plasmas generated by femtosecond laser ablation of several metals: Influence of the target physical properties on the plume dynamics
SA Irimiciuc, S Gurlui, G Bulai, P Nica, M Agop, C Focsa
Applied Surface Science 417, 108-118, 2017
A compact non-differential approach for modeling laser ablation plasma dynamics
SA Irimiciuc, S Gurlui, P Nica, C Focsa, M Agop
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (8), 083301, 2017
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