Zhiquan Li
Zhiquan Li
Guangdong University of Technology
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Hydrogels for two‐photon polymerization: a toolbox for mimicking the extracellular matrix
J Torgersen, XH Qin, Z Li, A Ovsianikov, R Liska, J Stampfl
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (36), 4542-4554, 2013
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A Ovsianikov, S Mühleder, J Torgersen, Z Li, XH Qin, S Van Vlierberghe, ...
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Initiation efficiency and cytotoxicity of novel water-soluble two-photon photoinitiators for direct 3D microfabrication of hydrogels
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Photo-sensitive hydrogels for three-dimensional laser microfabrication in the presence of whole organisms
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R Liu, H Chen, Z Li, F Shi, X Liu
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Z Li, X Zou, F Shi, R Liu, Y Yagci
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Coumarin-based oxime esters: photobleachable and versatile unimolecular initiators for acrylate and thiol-based click photopolymerization under visible light-emitting diode …
Z Li, X Zou, G Zhu, X Liu, R Liu
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Cardanol-based oligomers with “hard core, flexible shell” structures: from synthesis to UV curing applications
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Young’s modulus measurement of two-photon polymerized micro-cantilevers by using nanoindentation equipment
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Near‐infrared‐induced cationic polymerization initiated by using upconverting nanoparticles and titanocene
Z Li, J Zhu, X Guan, R Liu, Y Yagci
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 40 (9), 1900047, 2019
Thioxanthone acetic acid ammonium salts: highly efficient photobase generators based on photodecarboxylation
X Dong, P Hu, G Zhu, Z Li, R Liu, X Liu
RSC Advances 5 (66), 53342-53348, 2015
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