Professor Sofia Pascu
Professor Sofia Pascu
Chair in Bioinorganic and Materials Chemistry
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Triplet energy back transfer in conjugated polymers with pendant phosphorescent iridium complexes
NR Evans, L Sudha Devi, CSK Mak, SE Watkins, SI Pascu, A Köhler, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (20), 6647-6656, 2006
Noncovalent interactions within a synthetic receptor can reinforce guest binding
Z Rodriguez-Docampo, SI Pascu, S Kubik, S Otto
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (34), 11206-11210, 2006
Synthesis and characterization of tetrahedral and square planar bis (iminopyrrolyl) complexes of cobalt (II)
SA Carabineiro, LC Silva, PT Gomes, LCJ Pereira, LF Veiros, SI Pascu, ...
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Engineering conjugation in para-phenylene-bridged porphyrin tapes
M Pawlicki, M Morisue, NKS Davis, DG McLean, JE Haley, E Beuerman, ...
Chemical Science 3 (5), 1541-1547, 2012
Poly (9, 9-dialkyl-3, 6-dibenzosilole)—a high energy gap host for phosphorescent light emitting devices
KL Chan, SE Watkins, CSK Mak, MJ McKiernan, CR Towns, SI Pascu, ...
Chemical communications, 5766-5768, 2005
Blue-to-green electrophosphorescence of iridium-based cyclometallated materials
CSK Mak, A Hayer, SI Pascu, SE Watkins, AB Holmes, A Köhler, ...
Chemical communications, 4708-4710, 2005
Interlocked host anion recognition by an indolocarbazole-containing [2] rotaxane
A Brown, KM Mullen, J Ryu, MJ Chmielewski, SM Santos, V Felix, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (13), 4937-4952, 2009
Ditopic boronic acid and imine-based naphthalimide fluorescence sensor for copper (II)
M Li, H Ge, RL Arrowsmith, V Mirabello, SW Botchway, W Zhu, SI Pascu, ...
Chemical Communications 50 (80), 11806-11809, 2014
The development of boronic acids as sensors and separation tools
JS Fossey, F D'Hooge, JMH van den Elsen, MP Pereira Morais, SI Pascu, ...
The Chemical Record 12 (5), 464-478, 2012
The chemistry of PET imaging with zirconium-89
JR Dilworth, SI Pascu
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (8), 2554-2571, 2018
Cobalt catalysts for the conversion of CO 2 to light hydrocarbons at atmospheric pressure
RE Owen, JP O'Byrne, D Mattia, P Plucinski, SI Pascu, MD Jones
Chemical communications 49 (99), 11683-11685, 2013
Fluorescent gallium and indium bis (thiosemicarbazonates) and their radiolabelled analogues: Synthesis, structures and cellular confocal fluorescence imaging investigations
RL Arrowsmith, PA Waghorn, MW Jones, A Bauman, SK Brayshaw, Z Hu, ...
Dalton transactions 40 (23), 6238-6252, 2011
Supramolecular Assemblies of Tripodal Porphyrin Hosts and C60
LH Tong, JL Wietor, W Clegg, PR Raithby, SI Pascu, JKM Sanders
Chemistry–A European Journal 14 (10), 3035-3044, 2008
Fluorescent copper (II) bis (thiosemicarbazonates): synthesis, structures, electron paramagnetic resonance, radiolabeling, in vitro cytotoxicity and confocal fluorescence …
SI Pascu, PA Waghorn, BWC Kennedy, RL Arrowsmith, SR Bayly, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 5 (3), 506-519, 2010
Interactions Between Amino Acid‐Tagged Naphthalenediimide and Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for the Design and Construction of New Bioimaging Probes
Z Hu, GD Pantoș, N Kuganathan, RL Arrowsmith, RMJ Jacobs, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (3), 503-518, 2012
Tripodal N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of palladium and copper: syntheses, characterization, and catalytic activity
CE Ellul, G Reed, MF Mahon, SI Pascu, MK Whittlesey
Organometallics 29 (18), 4097-4104, 2010
Understanding the Nature of the States Responsible for the Green Emission in Oxidized Poly (9, 9‐dialkylfluorene) s: Photophysics and Structural Studies of Linear …
KL Chan, M Sims, SI Pascu, M Ariu, AB Holmes, DDC Bradley
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (13), 2147-2154, 2009
Synthesis of a new bidentate ferrocenyl N-heterocyclic carbene ligand precursor and the palladium (II) complex trans-[PdCl2 (C∧ fc∧ C)], where (C∧ fc∧ C)= 1, 1′-di-tert …
KS Coleman, S Turberville, SI Pascu, MLH Green
Journal of organometallic chemistry 690 (3), 653-658, 2005
Synthesis and evaluation of a boronate-tagged 1, 8-naphthalimide probe for fluoride recognition
SY Xu, X Sun, H Ge, RL Arrowsmith, JS Fossey, SI Pascu, YB Jiang, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 13 (14), 4143-4148, 2015
Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Behavior of Five-Coordinate Bis(iminopyrrolyl) Complexes of Cobalt(II) containing PMe3 and THF Ligands
SA Carabineiro, RM Bellabarba, PT Gomes, SI Pascu, LF Veiros, C Freire, ...
Inorganic chemistry 47 (19), 8896-8911, 2008
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