Sara Bonetti
Sara Bonetti
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Global convergence of COVID-19 basic reproduction number and estimation from early-time SIR dynamics
GG Katul, A Mrad, S Bonetti, G Manoli, AJ Parolari
PLoS One 15 (9), e0239800, 2020
Tree root systems competing for soil moisture in a 3D soil–plant model
G Manoli, S Bonetti, JC Domec, M Putti, G Katul, M Marani
Advances in water resources 66, 32-42, 2014
Manning’s formula and Strickler’s scaling explained by a co-spectral budget model
S Bonetti, G Manoli, C Manes, A Porporato, GG Katul
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 812, 1189-1212, 2017
Competition for light and water in a coupled soil-plant system
G Manoli, CW Huang, S Bonetti, JC Domec, M Marani, G Katul
Advances in Water Resources 108, 216-230, 2017
Global prediction of soil saturated hydraulic conductivity using random forest in a covariate‐based geoTransfer function (CoGTF) framework
S Gupta, P Lehmann, S Bonetti, A Papritz, D Or
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 13 (4), e2020MS002242, 2021
SoilKsatDB: global soil saturated hydraulic conductivity measurements for geoscience applications
S Gupta, T Hengl, P Lehmann, S Bonetti, D Or
Earth System Science Data Discussions 2020, 1-26, 2020
On the theory of drainage area for regular and non-regular points
S Bonetti, AD Bragg, A Porporato
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2018
The influence of water table depth and the free atmospheric state on convective rainfall predisposition
S Bonetti, G Manoli, JC Domec, M Putti, M Marani, GG Katul
Water Resources Research 51 (4), 2283-2297, 2015
A framework for quantifying hydrologic effects of soil structure across scales
S Bonetti, Z Wei, D Or
Communications Earth & Environment 2 (1), 107, 2021
Channelization cascade in landscape evolution
S Bonetti, M Hooshyar, C Camporeale, A Porporato
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (3), 1375-1382, 2020
Vegetation pattern formation in drylands
P Gandhi, S Iams, S Bonetti, M Silber
Dryland ecohydrology, 469-509, 2019
On the dynamic smoothing of mountains
S Bonetti, A Porporato
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (11), 5531-5539, 2017
The effect of accelerated soil erosion on hillslope morphology
S Bonetti, DD Richter, A Porporato
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 2019
On the uncertainty induced by pedotransfer functions in terrestrial biosphere modeling
A Paschalis, S Bonetti, Y Guo, S Fatichi
Water Resources Research 58 (9), e2021WR031871, 2022
Modeling soil–plant dynamics: assessing simulation accuracy by comparison with spatially distributed crop yield measurements
G Manoli, S Bonetti, E Scudiero, F Morari, M Putti, P Teatini
Vadose Zone Journal 14 (12), 1-13, 2015
A fast–slow model of banded vegetation pattern formation in drylands
P Gandhi, S Bonetti, S Iams, A Porporato, M Silber
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 410, 132534, 2020
Climate change impacts on water sustainability of South African crop production
S Bonetti, EH Sutanudjaja, T Mabhaudhi, R Slotow, C Dalin
Environmental Research Letters 17 (8), 084017, 2022
Global mapping of soil water characteristics parameters—Fusing curated data with machine learning and environmental covariates
S Gupta, A Papritz, P Lehmann, T Hengl, S Bonetti, D Or
Remote Sensing 14 (8), 1947, 2022
Global Soil Hydraulic Properties dataset based on legacy site observations and robust parameterization
S Gupta, A Papritz, P Lehmann, T Hengl, S Bonetti, D Or
Scientific Data 9 (1), 444, 2022
Persistent decay of fresh xylem hydraulic conductivity varies with pressure gradient and marks plant responses to injury
S Bonetti, D Breitenstein, S Fatichi, JC Domec, D Or
Plant, cell & environment 44 (2), 371-386, 2021
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