Christian Tenaud
Christian Tenaud
EM2C Laboratory, CNRS
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Citat de
Citat de
High order one-step monotonicity-preserving schemes for unsteady compressible flow calculations
V Daru, C Tenaud
Journal of computational physics 193 (2), 563-594, 2004
Evaluation of TVD high resolution schemes for unsteady viscous shocked flows
V Daru, C Tenaud
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Numerical simulation of the viscous shock tube problem by using a high resolution monotonicity-preserving scheme
V Daru, C Tenaud
Computers & Fluids 38 (3), 664-676, 2009
New resolution strategy for multiscale reaction waves using time operator splitting, space adaptive multiresolution, and dedicated high order implicit/explicit time integrators
M Duarte, M Massot, S Descombes, C Tenaud, T Dumont, V Louvet, ...
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 34 (1), A76-A104, 2012
Large Eddy Simulations of a spatially developing incompressible 3D mixing layer using the v–ω formulation
C Tenaud, S Pellerin, A Dulieu, LT Phuoc
Computers & Fluids 34 (1), 67-96, 2005
Evaluation of some high‐order shock capturing schemes for direct numerical simulation of unsteady two‐dimensional free flows
C Tenaud, E Garnier, P Sagaut
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Time–space adaptive numerical methods for the simulation of combustion fronts
M Duarte, S Descombes, C Tenaud, S Candel, M Massot
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A conservative coupling algorithm between a compressible flow and a rigid body using an embedded boundary method
L Monasse, V Daru, C Mariotti, S Piperno, C Tenaud
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LES of spatially developing 3D compressible mixing layer
L Doris, C Tenaud, LT Phuoc
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Numerical simulation of rapid expansion of supercritical fluid
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Nonlinear effects and shock formation in the focusing of a spherical acoustic wave: Numerical simulations and experiments in liquid helium
C Appert, C Tenaud, X Chavanne, S Balibar, F Caupin, D d’Humieres
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 35, 531-549, 2003
Modelling of pollutant dispersion in urban street canyons by means of a large-eddy simulation approach
A Chabni, P Le Quere, C Tenaud, H Laatar
International Journal of Vehicle Design 20 (1-4), 88-95, 1998
Highly resolved large eddy simulations of a binary mixture flow in a cavity with two vents: Influence of the computational domain
E Saikali, G Bernard-Michel, A Sergent, C Tenaud, R Salem
international journal of hydrogen energy 44 (17), 8856-8873, 2019
On wall pressure fluctuations and their coupling with vortex dynamics in a separated–reattached turbulent flow over a blunt flat plate
C Tenaud, B Podvin, Y Fraigneau, V Daru
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 61, 730-748, 2016
A generic performance analysis technique applied to different CFD methods for HPC
M Garcia-Gasulla, F Banchelli, K Peiro, G Ramirez-Gargallo, G Houzeaux, ...
International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics 34 (7-8), 508-528, 2020
A conservative embedded boundary method for an inviscid compressible flow coupled with a fragmenting structure
MA Puscas, L Monasse, A Ern, C Tenaud, C Mariotti
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 103 (13), 970-995, 2015
Parametric study on the nozzle geometry to control the supercritical fluid expansion; Parametres geometriques de controle de la detente d'un fluide supercritique
AB Moussa, H Ksibi, C Tenaud, M Baccar
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 44, 2005
Implicit WENO shock capturing scheme for unsteady flows. Application to one‐dimensional Euler equations
A Cadiou, C Tenaud
International journal for numerical methods in fluids 45 (2), 197-229, 2004
Comparisons of experimental measurements and large eddy simulations for a helium release in a two vents enclosure
G Bernard-Michel, E Saikali, A Sergent, C Tenaud
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 44 (17), 8935-8953, 2019
Large eddy simulation of unsteady, compressible, separated flow around NACA 0012 airfoil
C Tenaud, LT Phuoc
Fifteenth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics …, 2007
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