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Manon Kohler
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How smart growth and green infrastructure can mutually support each other—A conceptual framework for compact and green cities
M Artmann, M Kohler, G Meinel, J Gan, IC Ioja
Ecological indicators 96, 10-22, 2019
A city scale degree-day method to assess building space heating energy demands in Strasbourg Eurometropolis (France)
M Kohler, N Blond, A Clappier
Applied energy 184, 40-54, 2016
Project Coolbit: can your watch predict heat stress and thermal comfort sensation?
N Nazarian, S Liu, M Kohler, JKW Lee, C Miller, WTL Chow, SB Alhadad, ...
Environmental Research Letters 16 (3), 034031, 2021
On the coherence in the boundary layer: Development of a canopy interface model
D Mauree, N Blond, M Kohler, A Clappier
Frontiers in Earth Science 4, 109, 2017
Impacts of several urban-sprawl countermeasures on building (space heating) energy demands and urban heat island intensities. A case study
M Kohler, C Tannier, N Blond, R Aguejdad, A Clappier
Urban climate 19, 92-121, 2017
Development of a Canopy Model for a multiscale urban climate system
M Kohler, D Mauree, N Blond, A Clappier
8th International Conference on Urban Climate, Paper 60, 2012
Outdoor thermal comfort acceptability calibration: A calibration of the PET outdoor thermal comfort index in Singapore: does comfort vary respect to land uses?
M Kohler, CH Philipp
Technical Report 500, 2020
Project CoolBit Updates: Personal Thermal Comfort Assessments using Wearable Devices.
N Nazarian, C Miller, L Norford, M Kohler, W Chow, JLK Wei, SB Alhadad, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
精明增长与绿色基础设施如何相互支持: 紧凑绿色城市的概念框架
M Artmann, M Kohler, G Meinel
城市规划学刊 1, 126, 2018
L'Ilot de Chaleur Urbain de l'agglomération dijonnaise: campagne instrumentale in situ et modélisation climatique régionale haute résolution
B Pohl, Y Richard, M Kohler, J Emery, T Castel, B De Lapparent, J Roux, ...
Workshop MISTRALS" Modélisation climatique régionale intégrée", 2015
Assessement of the building energy requirements : added value of the use of the urban climate modeling
M Kohler
Université de Strasbourg-Laboratoire Image Ville Environnement, 2015
Les WEIHERMATTEN (Alsace, France)
M Kohler
OZCAR summer school, 2023
Overheating adaptations in acclimatised Singaporeans: Do spatial adaptation options matter? A pilot study Tanjong Pagar CBD case study
M Kohler, WTL Chow
IAUC Virtual Poster Session, 2022
Can planning fight the urban overheating and should we tackle the" the urban heat island" per se?
M Kohler
Q13–Paleoclimate changes, landscape evolution and human societies: from …, 2022
Climat urbain et besoins en chauffage des bâtiments
N Blond, M Kohler, A Clappier
A thematic review of recent urban overheating impacts research in Asia and its applications to climate resilience
M Kohler, WTL Chow
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 6346, 2020
A temporal examination of subjective thermal comfort perceptions of Singaporeans during their daily commutes.
M Kohler, WTL Chow, M Roth
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
What can individual walking patterns tell us about outdoor thermal comfort sensation in tropical cities?
M Kohler, WTL Chow, M Roth
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 11199, 2018
The Urban Heat Island of a middle-size French city as seen by high-resolution numerical experiments and in situ measurements the case of Dijon, Burgundy
B Pohl, Y Richard, M Kohler, J Emery, T Castel, B de Lapparent, ...
9th International Conference on Urban Climate, 2015
Development of a new 1D urban canopy model: coherences between surface parameterizations
N Blond, D Mauree, M Kohler, A Clappier
9th International Conference on Urban Climate, 2015
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