Dr. R. P. Yadav
Dr. R. P. Yadav
Mahamaya Government Degree College, Kaushambi, "PastAffiliation: GDC Saidabad"
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Citat de
Citat de
Fractal and multifractal analysis of LiF thin film surface
RP Yadav, S Dwivedi, AK Mittal, M Kumar, AC Pandey
Applied Surface Science 261, 547-553, 2012
Fractal and multifractal characteristics of swift heavy ion induced self-affine nanostructured BaF2 thin film surfaces
RP Yadav, M Kumar, AK Mittal, AC Pandey
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Ș Țălu, IA Morozov, RP Yadav
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Surface and Coatings Technology 421, 127420, 2021
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Physica Scripta 94 (12), 125805, 2019
The effect of dental LED light‐curing unit photoactivation mode on 3D surface morphology of dental nanocomposites evaluated by two‐dimensional multifractal detrended …
Ș Țălu, RP Yadav, T Lainoviæ, A Méndez‐Albores, G Trejo, D Kukuruzoviæ, ...
Microscopy Research and Technique 81 (10), 1223-1230, 2018
Influence of fractal and multifractal morphology on the wettability and reflectivity of crystalline-Si thin film surfaces as photon absorber layers for solar cell
G Maity, RP Yadav, R Singhal, PK Kulriya, A Mishra, T Som, S Dhar, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 129 (4), 2021
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