Jean-Christophe Jacquier
Jean-Christophe Jacquier
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Effect of drying methods on the phenolic constituents of meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) and willow (Salix alba)
N Harbourne, E Marete, JC Jacquier, D O'Riordan
LWT-Food Science and Technology 42 (9), 1468-1473, 2009
Determination of the degradation kinetics of anthocyanins in a model juice system using isothermal and non-isothermal methods
N Harbourne, JC Jacquier, DJ Morgan, JG Lyng
Food Chemistry 111 (1), 204-208, 2008
Inhibition of proinflammatory biomarkers in THP1 macrophages by polyphenols derived from chamomile, meadowsweet and willow bark
EM Drummond, N Harbourne, E Marete, D Martyn, JC Jacquier, ...
Phytotherapy Research 27 (4), 588-594, 2013
Physical characteristics of calcium induced κ-carrageenan networks
P MacArtain, JC Jacquier, KA Dawson
Carbohydrate Polymers 53 (4), 395-400, 2003
The use of dielectric properties and other physical analyses for assessing protein denaturation in beef biceps femoris muscle during cooking from 5 to 85 C
NP Brunton, JG Lyng, L Zhang, JC Jacquier
Meat Science 72 (2), 236-244, 2006
Optimisation of the extraction and processing conditions of chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) for incorporation into a beverage
N Harbourne, JC Jacquier, D O’Riordan
Food chemistry 115 (1), 15-19, 2009
Recovery of ergosterol and vitamin D2 from mushroom waste-Potential valorization by food and pharmaceutical industries
K Papoutsis, S Grasso, A Menon, NP Brunton, JG Lyng, JC Jacquier, ...
Trends in Food Science & Technology 99, 351-366, 2020
Stability of phytochemicals as sources of anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals in beverages—A review
N Harbourne, E Marete, JC Jacquier, D O'Riordan
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Molecular recognition of polymers by cyclodextrin vesicles
BJ Ravoo, JC Jacquier, G Wenz
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Cross-linked carrageenan beads for controlled release delivery systems
S Keppeler, A Ellis, JC Jacquier
Carbohydrate Polymers 78 (4), 973-977, 2009
Determination of critical micelle concentration by capillary electrophoresis. Theoretical approach and validation
JC Jacquier, PL Desbene
Journal of Chromatography A 718 (1), 167-175, 1995
Complex formation between DNA and cationic surfactant
AV Gorelov, ED Kudryashov, JC Jacquier, DM McLoughlin, KA Dawson
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 249 (1-4), 216-225, 1998
Analysis of alkylaromatic sulphonates by high-performance capillary electrophoresis
PL Desbene, C Rony, B Desmazieres, JC Jacquier
Journal of Chromatography A 608 (1-2), 375-383, 1992
Entrapment of proteins and peptides in chitosan-polyphosphoric acid hydrogel beads: A new approach to achieve both high entrapment efficiency and controlled in vitro release
D Yuan, JC Jacquier, ED O'Riordan
Food chemistry 239, 1200-1209, 2018
Whey microbeads as a matrix for the encapsulation and immobilisation of riboflavin and peptides
GJ O’Neill, T Egan, JC Jacquier, M O’Sullivan, ED O’Riordan
Food chemistry 160, 46-52, 2014
Manufacture of food grade κ-carrageenan microspheres
A Ellis, JC Jacquier
Journal of Food Engineering 94 (3-4), 316-320, 2009
Correlation of sensory bitterness in dairy protein hydrolysates: Comparison of prediction models built using sensory, chromatographic and electronic tongue data
J Newman, T Egan, N Harbourne, JC Jacquier
Talanta 126, 46-53, 2014
Determination of critical micelle concentration by capillary electrophoresis application to organo-saline electrolytes
JC Jacquier, PL Desbene
Journal of Chromatography A 743 (2), 307-314, 1996
Optimisation of the aqueous extraction conditions of phenols from meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria L.) for incorporation into beverages
N Harbourne, JC Jacquier, D O’Riordan
Food Chemistry 116 (3), 722-727, 2009
Effects of extraction temperature on the phenolic and parthenolide contents, and colour of aqueous feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) extracts
EN Marete, JC Jacquier, D O’Riordan
Food chemistry 117 (2), 226-231, 2009
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