N. Kumaresan
N. Kumaresan
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A single-sensor-based MPPT controller for wind-driven induction generators supplying DC microgrid
V Nayanar, N Kumaresan, NA Gounden
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 31 (2), 1161-1172, 2015
Development of BLDC Motor Based Elevator System Suitable for DC Microgrid
D Das, N Kumaresan, V Nayanar, KNSN Ammasaigounden
Analysis and control of three-phase self-excited induction generators supplying single-phase AC and DC loads
N Kumaresan
IEE Proceedings-Electric Power Applications 152 (3), 739-747, 2005
Analysis and control of self-excited induction generator-converter systems for battery charging applications
R Karthigaivel, N Kumaresan, M Subbiah
IET electric power applications 5 (2), 247-257, 2011
Operation and closed-loop control of wind-driven stand-alone doubly fed induction generators using a single inverter-battery system
K Vijayakumar, N Kumaresan, NA Gounden
IET electric power applications 6 (3), 162-171, 2012
Modelling, analysis and control of stand‐alone self‐excited induction generator‐pulse width modulation rectifier systems feeding constant DC voltage applications
S Senthil Kumar, N Kumaresan, M Subbiah, M Rageeru
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 8 (6), 1140-1155, 2014
Enhancement of voltage stability margin in radial distribution system with squirrel cage induction generator based distributed generators
P Raja, MP Selvan, N Kumaresan
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 7 (8), 898-906, 2013
Analysis and application of three-phase SEIG with power converters for supplying single-phase grid from wind energy
K Arthishri, N Kumaresan, NA Gounden
IEEE Systems Journal 13 (2), 1813-1822, 2018
Simplified methods for the analysis of self‐excited induction generators
K Arthishri, K Anusha, N Kumaresan, S Senthil Kumar
IET electric power applications 11 (9), 1636-1644, 2017
Online condition monitoring and power management system for standalone micro‐grid using FPGAs
K Venkatraman, B Dastagiri Reddy, MP Selvan, S Moorthi, N Kumaresan, ...
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 10 (15), 3875-3884, 2016
Operation of inverter‐assisted wind‐driven slip‐ring induction generator for stand‐alone power supplies
K Vijayakumar, N Kumaresan, NGA Gounden
IET Electric Power Applications 7 (4), 256-269, 2013
Analysis and control of capacitor‐excited induction generators connected to a micro‐grid through power electronic converters
S Senthil Kumar, N Kumaresan, M Subbiah
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 9 (10), 911-920, 2015
Real and reactive power control of hybrid excited wind‐driven grid‐connected doubly fed induction generators
K Vijayakumar, N Kumaresan, NG Ammasai Gounden, SB Tennakoon
IET Power Electronics 6 (6), 1197-1208, 2013
Wind-driven SEIG supplying DC microgrid through a single-stage power converter
V Nayanar, N Kumaresan, NGA Gounden
Engineering science and technology, an international journal 19 (3), 1600-1607, 2016
Innovative reactive power saving in wind-driven grid-connected induction generators using a delta-star stator winding: part II, Estimation of annual Wh and VARh of the delta …
N Kumaresan, M Subbiah
Wind Engineering 27 (3), 195-204, 2003
A hybrid genetic algorithm based power system stabilizer
N Sumathi, MP Selvan, N Kumaresan
2007 International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems, 876-881, 2007
Power electronic interface with de‐coupled control for wind‐driven PMSG feeding utility grid and DC load
CM Jenisha, N Ammasaigounden, N Kumaresan, K BhagyaSri
IET power electronics 11 (2), 329-338, 2018
Design optimisation and speed extension of wind-driven self-excited induction generators—a new approach
N Kumaresan, MP Selvan, M Subbiah
Electric Power Components and Systems 32 (2), 215-228, 2004
Speed sensor‐less maximum power point tracking and constant output power operation of wind‐driven wound rotor induction generators
K Vijayakumar, N Kumaresan, N Ammasaigounden
IET Power Electronics 8 (1), 33-46, 2015
Analysis and control of wind-driven self-excited induction generators with load matching
N Kumaresan, M Subbiah
Proc. 11th National Power System Conf, 20-22, 2000
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