Edward Dawson
Edward Dawson
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Twisted Edwards curves revisited
H Hisil, KKH Wong, G Carter, E Dawson
Advances in Cryptology-ASIACRYPT 2008: 14th International Conference on the …, 2008
Multistage secret sharing based on one-way function
J He, E Dawson
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Secure key issuing in ID-based cryptography
B Lee, C Boyd, E Dawson, K Kim, J Yang, S Yoo
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Heuristic design of cryptographically strong balanced Boolean functions
W Millan, A Clark, E Dawson
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Providing receipt-freeness in mixnet-based voting protocols
B Lee, C Boyd, E Dawson, K Kim, J Yang, S Yoo
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Multisecret-sharing scheme based on one-way function
J He, E Dawson
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A novel identity-based strong designated verifier signature scheme
B Kang, C Boyd, ED Dawson
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PKI, elliptic curve cryptography, and digital signatures
WJ Caelli, EP Dawson, SA Rea
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SKMA: a key management architecture for SCADA systems
R Dawson, C Boyd, E Dawson, JMG Nieto
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A computer package for measuring the strength of encryption algorithms
H Gustafson, E Dawson, L Nielsen, W Caelli
Computers & Security 13 (8), 687-697, 1994
An effective genetic algorithm for finding highly nonlinear Boolean functions
W Millan, A Clark, E Dawson
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Smart hill climbing finds better boolean functions
W Millan, A Clark, E Dawson
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W Millan, L Burnett, G Carter, A Clark, E Dawson
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Bit-pattern based integral attack
M Z’aba, H Raddum, M Henricksen, E Dawson
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Fast Fourier transform based speech encryption system
S Sridharan, E Dawson, B Goldburg
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The breadth of Shamir's secret-sharing scheme
E Dawson, D Donovan
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Dragon: A fast word based stream cipher
K Chen, M Henricksen, W Millan, J Fuller, L Simpson, E Dawson, HJ Lee, ...
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Automated cryptanalysis of XOR plaintext strings
E Dawson, L Nielsen
Cryptologia 20 (2), 165-181, 1996
Boolean function design using hill climbing methods
W Millan, A Clark, E Dawson
Information Security and Privacy: 4th Australasian Conference, ACISP’99 …, 1999
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