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Elizabeth Rieke
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Introducing the North American project to evaluate soil health measurements
CE Norris, GM Bean, SB Cappellazzi, M Cope, KLH Greub, D Liptzin, ...
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Molecular methods for assessment of antibiotic resistance in agricultural ecosystems: prospects and challenges
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Temporal dynamics of bacterial communities in soil and leachate water after swine manure application
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Carbon‐sensitive pedotransfer functions for plant available water
DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan, M Cope, GM Bean, S Cappellazzi, K Greub, ...
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Seasonal variation of macrolide resistance gene abundances in the South Fork Iowa River Watershed
EL Rieke, TB Moorman, EL Douglass, ML Soupir
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Evaluation of aggregate stability methods for soil health
EL Rieke, DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan, KD Flynn, JA Howe, KLH Greub, ...
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A minimum suite of soil health indicators for North American agriculture
DK Bagnall, EL Rieke, CLS Morgan, DL Liptzin, SB Cappellazzi, ...
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Investigating the dispersal of antibiotic resistance associated genes from manure application to soil and drainage waters in simulated agricultural farmland systems
SD Smith, P Colgan, F Yang, EL Rieke, ML Soupir, TB Moorman, ...
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Linking soil microbial community structure to potential carbon mineralization: A continental scale assessment of reduced tillage
EL Rieke, SB Cappellazzi, M Cope, D Liptzin, G Mac Bean, KLH Greub, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 168, 108618, 2022
Selecting soil hydraulic properties as indicators of soil health: Measurement response to management and site characteristics
DK Bagnall, CLS Morgan, GM Bean, D Liptzin, SB Cappellazzi, M Cope, ...
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Practical implications of erythromycin resistance gene diversity on surveillance and monitoring of resistance
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Use of phospholipid fatty acid analysis as phenotypic biomarkers for soil health and the influence of management practices
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Assessing pathogen presence in an intensively tile drained, agricultural watershed
EL Rieke, TB Moorman, ML Soupir, F Yang, A Howe
Journal of environmental quality 47 (5), 1033-1042, 2018
Maximizing soil organic carbon stocks under cover cropping: insights from long-term agricultural experiments in North America
Y Peng, EL Rieke, I Chahal, CE Norris, K Janovicek, JP Mitchell, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 356, 108599, 2023
An evaluation of nitrogen indicators for soil health in long‐term agricultural experiments
D Liptzin, EL Rieke, SB Cappellazzi, GM Bean, M Cope, KLH Greub, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 87 (4), 868-884, 2023
Impact of swine and cattle manure treatment on the microbial composition and resistome of soil and drainage water
P Colgan, EL Rieke, K Nadeem, TB Moorman, ML Soupir, A Howe, ...
Microorganisms 11 (1), 17, 2022
Assessing soil health: Measuring the soil microbiome
E Rieke, S Cappellazzi
Crops & Soils 54 (2), 32-35, 2021
Effects of climate, intrinsic soil properties, and management on soil health indicators of carbon dynamics
D Liptzin, GM Bean, S Cappellazzi, M Cope, KLH Greub, CE Norris, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, B114-0004, 2020
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