Christian Raffelsberger
Christian Raffelsberger
Senior Researcher, Lakeside Labs
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A Hybrid MANET-DTN Routing Scheme for Emergency Response Scenarios
C Raffelsberger, H Hellwagner
Pervasive Computing Workshops, 505-510, 2013
Evaluation of MANET routing protocols in a realistic emergency response scenario
C Raffelsberger, H Hellwagner
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in …, 2012
Tweeting ‘When Online is Off’? Opportunistically Creating Mobile Ad-hoc Networks in Response to Disrupted Infrastructure
A Al-Akkad, C Raffelsberger, A Boden, L Ramirez, A Zimmermann
11th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and …, 2014
First experiments with a 5G-Connected drone
R Muzaffar, C Raffelsberger, A Fakhreddine, JL Luque, D Emini, ...
6th ACM Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications …, 2020
Live multicast video streaming from drones: an experimental study
R Muzaffar, E Yanmaz, C Raffelsberger, C Bettstetter, A Cavallaro
Autonomous Robots 44 (1), 75-91, 2020
Overview of hybrid MANET-DTN networking and its potential for emergency response operations
C Raffelsberger, H Hellwagner
A performance evaluation tool for drone communications in 4G cellular networks
C Raffelsberger, R Muzaffar, C Bettstetter
2019 16th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS …, 2019
Allocation of repetition redundancy in LoRa
S Borkotoky, C Bettstetter, U Schilcher, C Raffelsberger
European Wireless 2019; 25th European Wireless Conference, 1-6, 2019
How Do I Get This App? A Discourse on Distributing Mobile Applications Despite Disrupted Infrastructure
A Al-Akkad, C Raffelsberger
11th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and …, 2014
A Multimedia Delivery System for Delay-/Disruption-Tolerant Networks
C Raffelsberger, H Hellwagner
IEEE Pervasive Computing Workshops (PerCom Workshops '15), 534-540, 2015
Combined Mobile Ad-hoc and Delay/Disruption-tolerant Routing
C Raffelsberger, H Hellwagner
13th International Conference on Ad-Hoc, Mobile and and Wireless Networks …, 2014
An Experimental Analysis on Drone-Mounted Access Points for Improved Latency-Reliability
I Donevski, C Raffelsberger, M Sende, A Fakhreddine, JJ Nielsen
7th ACM Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications …, 2021
A communication and multi-sensor solution to support dynamic generation of a situational picture
M Umlauft, C Raffelsberger, A Kercek, A Almer, T Schnabel, P Luley, ...
3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies …, 2016
Application-Layer Coding with Intermittent Feedback Under Delay and Duty-Cycle Constraints
SS Borkotoky, U Schilcher, C Raffelsberger
ICC 2020-2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 1-6, 2020
Evaluation of TETRA SDS Performance and GPS Accuracy in Real-World Scenarios
M Umlauft, C Raffelsberger
15th International Conference on Telecommunications, 2019
Flexible Kommunikations-und Informationslösungen für eine optimierte Einsatzführung von Interventionskräften
C Raffelsberger, M Umlauft, A Kercek, A Almer, T Schnabel, P Luley
Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) 259, 1791-1803, 2016
Long-Term LoRa Experiments in a Chemical Plant
J Breitegger, C Raffelsberger, SS Borkotoky, I Rogler, C Bettstetter
2021 22nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) 1, 1-6, 2021
Metadata-Based Content Management and Sharing System for Improved User Experience
M Waltl, C Raffelsberger, C Timmerer, H Hellwagner
User Centric Media, 132-140, 2012
Experiments on Drone-to-Drone Communication with Wi-Fi, LTE-A, and 5G
A Fakhreddine, C Raffelsberger, M Sende, C Bettstetter
IEEE GLOBECOM Workshops: Workshop on Cellular UAV and Satellite …, 2022
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