Václav Mahelka
Václav Mahelka
Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences
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On the genome constitution and evolution of intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium: Poaceae, Triticeae)
V Mahelka, D Kopecký, L Paštová
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Gene Capture from across the Grass Family in the Allohexaploid Elymus repens (L.) Gould (Poaceae, Triticeae) as Evidenced by ITS, GBSSI, and Molecular …
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European Invasion of North American Pinus strobus at Large and Fine Scales: High Genetic Diversity and Fine-Scale Genetic Clustering over Time in the Adventive …
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B Mandak, P Zákravský, V Mahelka, I Plačková
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Response to flooding intensity in Elytrigia repens, E. intermedia (Poaceae: Triticeae) and their hybrid
V Mahelka
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Molecular cytogenetic characterisation of Elytrigia× mucronata, a natural hybrid of E. intermedia and E. repens (Triticeae, Poaceae)
L Paštová, A Belyayev, V Mahelka
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Frequent occurrence of triploid hybrids Festuca pratensis× F. apennina in the Swiss Alps
D Kopecký, T Felder, FX Schubiger, V Mahelka, J Bartoš, J Doležel, ...
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A Panicum‐derived chromosomal segment captured by Hordeum a few million years ago preserves a set of stress‐related genes
V Mahelka, K Krak, J Fehrer, P Caklová, M Nagy Nejedla, R Čegan, ...
The Plant Journal 105 (5), 1141-1164, 2021
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A Belyayev, M Jandová, J Josefiová, R Kalendar, V Mahelka, B Mandák, ...
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Spontaneous natural formation of interspecific hybrids within the Festuca-Lolium complex
B Boller, J Harper, E Willner, J Fuchs, M Glombik, J Majka, V Mahelka, ...
Festulolium: From the Nature to Modern Breeding, 27, 2020
The structural diversity of CACTA transposons in genomes of Chenopodium (Amaranthaceae, Caryophyllales) species: specific traits and comparison with the similar elements of …
A Belyayev, J Josefiová, M Jandová, R Kalendar, V Mahelka, B Mandák, ...
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L Bartha, T Mandáková, A Kovařík, PA Bulzu, N Rodde, V Mahelka, ...
New Phytologist 235 (3), 1246-1259, 2022
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