Donato D'Ambrosio
Donato D'Ambrosio
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, University of Calabria (Italy)
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Citat de
A cellular automata model for soil erosion by water
D D'Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio, S Gabriele, R Gaudio
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part B: Hydrology, Oceans and Atmosphere …, 2001
Simulating debris flows through a hexagonal cellular automata model: SCIDDICA S3–hex
D D’Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio, G Iovine
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 3 (6), 545-559, 2003
Applying genetic algorithms for calibrating a hexagonal cellular automata model for the simulation of debris flows characterised by strong inertial effects
G Iovine, D D'Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio
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First simulations of the Sarno debris flows through Cellular Automata modelling
D D'Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio, G Iovine, V Lupiano, R Rongo, W Spataro
Geomorphology 54 (1-2), 91-117, 2003
Parallel genetic algorithms for optimising cellular automata models of natural complex phenomena: an application to debris flows
D D’Ambrosio, W Spataro, G Iovine
Computers & Geosciences 32 (7), 861-875, 2006
A new algorithm for simulating wildfire spread through cellular automata
GA Trunfio, D D’Ambrosio, R Rongo, W Spataro, S Di Gregorio
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) 22 (1), 1-26, 2011
Predicting the impact of lava flows at Mount Etna, Italy
GM Crisci, MV Avolio, B Behncke, D D'Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 115 (B4), 2010
A macroscopic collisional model for debris-flows simulation
D D'Ambrosio, G Iovine, W Spataro, H Miyamoto
Environmental Modelling & Software 22 (10), 1417-1436, 2007
Parallel evolutionary modelling of geological processes
D D’Ambrosio, W Spataro
Parallel Computing 33 (3), 186-212, 2007
Efficient application of GPGPU for lava flow hazard mapping
D D’Ambrosio, G Filippone, D Marocco, R Rongo, W Spataro
The Journal of Supercomputing 65, 630-644, 2013
Lava flow hazard evaluation through cellular automata and genetic algorithms: an application to Mt Etna volcano
R Rongo, W Spataro, D D'Ambrosio, M Vittoria Avolio, GA Trunfio, ...
Fundamenta Informaticae 87 (2), 247-267, 2008
An evolutionary approach for modelling lava flows through cellular automata
W Spataro, D D’Ambrosio, R Rongo, GA Trunfio
Cellular Automata: 6th International Conference on Cellular Automata for …, 2004
Integrating geomorphology, statistic and numerical simulations for landslide invasion hazard scenarios mapping: an example in the Sorrento Peninsula (Italy)
F Lucà, D D’Ambrosio, G Robustelli, R Rongo, W Spataro
Computers & Geosciences 67, 163-172, 2014
Cellular automata and GPGPU: an application to lava flow modeling
D D’Ambrosio, G Filippone, R Rongo, W Spataro, GA Trunfio
International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) 4 (3 …, 2012
The latest release of the lava flows simulation model SCIARA: First application to Mt Etna (Italy) and solution of the anisotropic flow direction problem on an ideal surface
W Spataro, MV Avolio, V Lupiano, GA Trunfio, R Rongo, D D’Ambrosio
Procedia Computer Science 1 (1), 17-26, 2010
Pyroclastic flows modelling using cellular automata
MV Avolio, GM Crisci, S Di Gregorio, R Rongo, W Spataro, D D’Ambrosio
Computers & Geosciences 32 (7), 897-911, 2006
Simulating the Curti–Sarno debris flow through cellular automata: the model SCIDDICA (release S2)
D D’Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio, G Iovine, V Lupiano, L Merenda, R Rongo, ...
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 27 (36), 1577-1585, 2002
An extended notion of Cellular Automata for surface flows modelling
MV Avolio, GM Crisci, D D’Ambrosio, S Di Gregorio, G Iovine, R Rongo, ...
WSEAS Transactions on Computers 2 (4), 1080-1085, 2003
OpenMP parallelization of the SCIARA Cellular Automata lava flow model: performance analysis on shared-memory computers
M Oliverio, W Spataro, D D’Ambrosio, R Rongo, G Spingola, GA Trunfio
Procedia Computer Science 4, 271-280, 2011
Opencal system extension and application to the three-dimensional richards equation for unsaturated flow
A De Rango, L Furnari, A Giordano, A Senatore, D D’Ambrosio, ...
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 81, 133-158, 2021
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