Roberto Conti
Roberto Conti
Ph. D researcher, University of Florence
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Citat de
Performance evaluation of lower limb exoskeletons: a systematic review
D Pinto-Fernandez, D Torricelli, M del Carmen Sanchez-Villamanan, ...
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A novel kinematic architecture for portable hand exoskeletons
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R Conti, E Meli, A Ridolfi, B Allotta
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The mononuclear and dinuclear dimethoxyethane adducts of lanthanide trichlorides [LnCl3 (DME) 2] n, n= 1 or 2, fundamental starting materials in lanthanide chemistry …
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Energy and wear optimisation of train longitudinal dynamics and of traction and braking systems
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Design of a series elastic transmission for hand exoskeletons
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A low cost autonomous underwater vehicle for patrolling and monitoring
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Design of a modular Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for archaeological investigations
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An innovative hardware in the loop architecture for the analysis of railway braking under degraded adhesion conditions through roller-rigs
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A numerical model of a HIL scaled roller rig for simulation of wheel–rail degraded adhesion condition
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Development, design and validation of an assistive device for hand disabilities based on an innovative mechanism
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Development and experimental testing of a portable hand exoskeleton
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Efficient models of three-dimensional tilting pad journal bearings for the study of the interactions between rotor and lubricant supply plant
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Modeling and control of a full-scale roller-rig for the analysis of railway braking under degraded adhesion conditions
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Changes in motoneuron excitability of masseter muscle following exteroceptive stimuli in Parkinson's disease
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Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology/Evoked Potentials …, 1993
A free floating manipulation strategy for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
R Conti, F Fanelli, E Meli, A Ridolfi, R Costanzi
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 87, 133-146, 2017
Optimization of potential field method parameters through networks for swarm cooperative manipulation tasks
R Furferi, R Conti, E Meli, A Ridolfi
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 13 (6), 1729881416657931, 2016
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