Mircea Cristian DUDESCU
Mircea Cristian DUDESCU
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The alginate/k-carrageenan ratio's influence on the properties of the cross-linked composite films
V Pașcalău, V Popescu, GL Popescu, MC Dudescu, G Borodi, A Dinescu, ...
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Effects of Raster Orientation, Infill Rate and Infill Pattern on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Materials
C Dudescu, L Racz
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Characterisation of thermal expansion coefficient of anisotropic materials by electronic speckle pattern interferometry
C Dudescu, J Naumann, M Stockmann, S Nebel
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Customized implants with specific properties, made by selective laser melting
DV Leordean, C Dudescu, T Marcu, P Berce, N Balc
Rapid Prototyping Journal 21 (1), 2015
Role of mastoid pneumatization in temporal bone fractures
A Ilea, A Butnaru, SA Sfrângeu, M Hedeșiu, CM Dudescu, P Berce, ...
American Journal of Neuroradiology 35 (7), 1398-1404, 2014
Versatile self-assembled graphene oxide membranes obtained under ambient conditions by using a water–ethanol suspension
LC Cotet, K Magyari, M Todea, MC Dudescu, V Danciu, L Baia
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Design and fabrication of a MEMS chevron-type thermal actuator
A Baracu, R Voicu, R Müller, A Avram, M Pustan, R Chiorean, C Birleanu, ...
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Obtaining and Characterizing Alginate/k‐Carrageenan Hydrogel Cross‐Linked with Adipic Dihydrazide
V Pașcalău, V Popescu, GL Popescu, MC Dudescu, G Borodi, ...
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Design, manufacturing and test of CFRP front hood concepts for a light-weight vehicle
P Bere, M Dudescu, C Neamțu, C Cocian
Polymers 13 (9), 1374, 2021
Reliability design of thermally actuated MEMS switches based on V-shape beams
M Pustan, R Chiorean, C Birleanu, C Dudescu, R Muller, A Baracu, ...
Microsystem Technologies 23, 3863-3871, 2017
Thermal Expansion Coefficient Determination of Polymeric Materials using Digital Image Correlation
Materiale Plastice 50 (1), 55-59, 2013
Antimicrobial properties of bacterial cellulose films enriched with bioactive herbal extracts obtained by microwave-assisted extraction
IM Bodea, GM Cătunescu, CR Pop, NI Fiț, AP David, MC Dudescu, ...
Polymers 14 (7), 1435, 2022
Optimization of moist and oven-dried bacterial cellulose production for functional properties
IM Bodea, FI Beteg, CR Pop, AP David, MC Dudescu, C Vilău, A Stănilă, ...
Polymers 13 (13), 2088, 2021
Monitoring the Influence of Aminosilane on Cement Hydration Via Low-field NMR Relaxometry
A Pop, A Bede, MC Dudescu, F Popa, I Ardelean
Applied Magnetic Resonance, 1-9, 2015
Evaluation of the mechanical properties and surface topography of as-received, immersed and as-retrieved orthodontic archwires
SI Pop, M Dudescu, VV Merie, M Pacurar, CD Bratu
Clujul Medical 90 (3), 313, 2017
Analytical and Numerical Study on the Maximum Force Developed by a V-beam Thermal Actuator
RS Chiorean, MC Dudescu, M Pustan, M Hardau
Procedia Technology 12, 359–363, 2014
Investigation of Mechanical Behaviour of Expanded Polystyrene Under Compressive and Bending Loadings
C Vilau, MC Dudescu
Materiale Plastice 57 (2), 199-207, 2020
Design and Analysis of Carbon/epoxy Composite Bicycle Handlebar
P Bere, MC Dudescu, N Balc, P Berce, AM Iurian, O Nemes
Materiale Plastice 51 (2), 145-149, 2014
Effects of disinfection and steam sterilization on the mechanical properties of 3D SLA-and DLP-printed surgical guides for orthodontic implant placement
SI Pop, M Dudescu, SG Mihali, M Păcurar, DC Bratu
Polymers 14 (10), 2107, 2022
Research on producing complex metal parts with lattice structure by selective laser melting
V Mager, N Bâlc, D Leordean, MC Dudescu, M Fockele
Applied Mechanics and Materials 371, 280-284, 2013
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